Never go near him! [Min Yoongi] [BTS FF Y/N] #1
Never go near him! 
[Min Yoongi] [BTS FF Y/N] #1 horror stories

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Should you really go near him Y/N? Well read it and sees what happens

Never go near him! [Min Yoongi] [BTS FF Y/N] #1

Y/N was going home when you saw a mysterious man on the side of a near by dark ally way, Are you okay sir?

You asked the mysterious man, he looked at you and said umm no, but you look nice, he said to you, Umm thanks you said as you walked away, Weird you said as you thought to yourself,

You walked to a store as you walked in you heard HEY Y/N!

You looked and saw your bestfriends Jungkook and Jimin, Hey you two, hey umm it was weird why was there a Man at a side of a near by Dark ally way? they looked at you and Jimin went to go check


Where Y/N? he said is it near Avenue lane? Jimin asks you You said No its near Treetops lane Jungkook went to go see


Umm I don't see anything there Y/N?

but I do know that a Man was killed there in that very lane and legend says that he will haunt whoever goes near where he got killed because he think you are the person who killed him

so legend says never go near that ally lane ever, Jimin spoke up Jungkook your talking nonsense and Don't scare Y/N!

You looked very frightened and was wondering if it was near where he died, so You went home and called Jimin then The WIFI Gone out then you screamed TBC!

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