Mr bad guy and Mr nice guy (My wattpad story) Part 1
Mr bad guy and Mr nice guy

(My wattpad story)

Part 1 yaoi stories
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alientaetae I’m hurt cause of.. @ …not gonna say it
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Perth Tanapon is a man, who owns a business involving. Death, fights, bullying. But when he was at a café there was a boy named Saint Suppapong. But this boy. made him feel something he never felt before

Mr bad guy and Mr nice guy (My wattpad story) Part 1

Perth got up and did his morning daily routine. He took a shower, brushed his teeth cleaned around the house then head off and go too the local café down the street.

I saw there was a posters everywhere saying their hiring. Obviously Perth didn't wanna go cause he already has a decent job. He entered the coffee shop and went to the front and spoke

[ Perth's POV ] I went up to order and the café is busier than normal? Uh hello? May I order? I looked around. the cashier looked at me. Yes sir! Go pick a table we'll send our new waitress !

He said rushing around. I shrugged and start walking to a table then sat down. Then the new waitress walked in... it's like an angel just stepped out of that door way. Cause my world has became brighter, Sawsdee My name is Saint Suppapong. I'm the new waitress. What's your name? I just glanced up.. uh Perth. Perth Tanapon

I know this is akaward but how old are you? I looked at him. He just giggled and said I am 23 years old. I Said ahh so Sawsdee P'Saint. Saint smiled and said Sawsdee N'Perth. Uh your order he said smiling at me. I looked up. Oh uh..

A cappuccino with no ice I smiled. Saint smiled okay sir. Stay or on the road? I said On the r- Here. Stay here. He smiled okay sir coming right up he said smiling


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