[Hwrang and me] Ep 1 S1 1/10
[Hwrang and me] Ep 1 S1

1/10 hwrang stories
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[Hwrang and me] Ep 1 S1 1/10

Ep 1, The beginning

alientaetae's POV Hwrang are you home? I Yelled outside his cottage, He opened his window and Said Noo! I Said yes you are! He said no I am a hollogram I Said mhm Sarcaticlly, and I Knocked on the door, and he said Haha I was playing with you Alien~

I Said Oh I know -_- He looked at me and said Awwe is Alientaetae mad at me awwe I Said Stop teasing Hwrang this is Serious! He said okay your the boss, He let me in his cottage, and I said look my Bestie Kiara's birthday is in tommorow and I don't have a Gift, he said hmm~ I Don't think you need a gift, I Look confused

And he said Her gift was you taetae, I Said hmm~ That's nice but I wanna get her an actual gift, and he look like this (😐😑😐) I said Love you bestie he said Hmm same, I Hugged him and said thanks hwrang, and he said Bye bye Alien Love you, I Went off and I Went to my twin which she was with her bestie Hwar

~NEXT DAY~ I called Hwrang and he didn't pick up, so I said Aww he must be training, I Texted him and said Good morning, I Got up and went to change, (AFTER) I Walked all the way too Hwrang's home, He wasn't there and I said huh? that's strange? he said boo~!

I Screamed. And he said hey alien, I said Oh hey where we're you? He said I was at the store why are you okay? He asked worried and I said No no! I am fine, he said hmm Okay if you say so, He went inside and I just stood there and he said You comin or not? I said huh? oh yeah sorry, He said Your fine, I went in and he was sitting

there sad, and I said hey is there anything you wanna tell me? He looked and said Well... My cousin is losing a Battle between Harmbia and our kingdom Strallmia, and I have to battle against my cousin... I Said oh no! why?! he said Cause we have to do it every 10 years I Said ohh... I looked sad and said Hwrang I need to go, to my brothers home

He said the one that doesn't trust me much? I said Yup and he said Oh okay, bye bye alien, I waved bye and said Hi Jayden My brother hugged me and said hey sissy, I said I dropped off the food and he said Thanks, Sis is gonna be here any moment I Said I know, I helped set up and I saw my big sister Ayesha and my Twin Bae there

and I helped Lexi and we got down and hid and Ammoni was not here with the cake and we said Jeez what is taking him so long? And Mia came in and Said Ammoni is almost here with the cake he said We said okay thanks Mia, and Hwrang came in a Jayden looked annoyed and un trusting to Hwrang, and he said You left this alien,

He gave me my phone and my gift and I said Oh my god thanks Hwrang I Hugged him and said Haha your welcome and he said Bye have a nice day, we waved bye and Jayden said hm, and We saw Ammoni with the cake, he came in and Placed the cake on the table, and we hid, and when Kiara came in We yelled SUPRISE! She screamed,

and we said Happy birthday Kiara <3, she said Oh my god thank you so much! We hugged her and we had a fun time, and it was time for bed and we said Good night we gave each other a hug and went to our rooms and I Texted Hwrang, and said Hwrang you awake? He replied and Said Mmm I am now what's up?

I Said the ceiling Lol, he said Haha what do you need? I said I Just wanted to say Good night He said oh then Good night <3 I turned off my phone and went to sleep, and I woke up the next morning, and Jayden came inside and said Morning Sissy breakfast is on the table I said okay, and texted I hwrang and said Good morning <3

And that was the first Ep of Hwrang and me UwU I Hope you'll love it <3 Bye bye my lil aliens!

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