Kpop fans vs Normal people
Kpop fans vs Normal people kpop stories

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Kpop fans vs Normal people


Normal people:

Stacy: Baby baby baby Ohh! Like Baby Baby Baby Noo Like Baby Baby baby Ohh thought you'll always be mine (Mine) (Justin bieber - Baby)

Kpop fans:

Carla: Run away Run away Run away with me, at the worlds end Forever together Run away Run away babe give me an Answer please! (TXT - Run away)

Asking for Money

Normal people:

Stacy: Daddy! Can I have some money? Dad: sure Sweetie! How much? Stacy: $20 Dad: sure thing

Kpop fans:

Carla: MOM! Mom: Yes Carla? Carla: Can I have some "Moni moni moni moni moni yah, Moni moni moni moni" Mom: -_-

Prom dates

Normal people:

Taylor: S-S-Stacy? Stacy: yes? Taylor: Would you go to the Prom with m-me..? Stacy: Oh my god YES!

Kpop fans

Steven: Carla..? Carla: wae-o Steven: ..? would you go to the p-prom with m-m-me..? Carla: *Scans* Are you Kai? Steven: No? Carla: Sorry, then it's a no, I Only say Yes to my Bias


Normal people:

Stacy: *Texts* Stacy: I Am bored Friend: Saame.. wanna go shopping? Stacy: Sure. Lemme get ready

Kpop fans:

Carla: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °) (What shes lookin at XD) (OMG SUGA SMIRKING!)

(Kai - EXO)

(Kang daniel - Used to be in Wanna one but now is a Solo artist)

(Jungkook - BTS)

(Jimin - BTS)

(Jackson - GOT7)

Mom: What are you doing?! Carla: 0_0

XD I Know this was short but I'll upload more! Bye bye my lil aliens! (I Hope this made you laugh!)

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