Philosophy for Dragons
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This poem is dedicated to 8-year-old me. She didn’t know, so she guessed. Like all of us do.

Philosophy for Dragons

First, there was just the ocean and sky,

Stitched together in an infinite seam,

Until from the ocean floor,

Sprang power and breath and wings.

They upset the sky around them, creating wind,

And split the world wide open into creation.

According to scripture, there are three responsible for creation,

All made Earth out of their own slab of sky.

The first glided West, effortless in her new life.

Another drew North, so high that icicles formed in his wings.

The last fled South, reflecting sunbeams and stirring up sand.

From the beat of his wings, the ocean gave way to sand,

And Emelle marveled at his vast creation:

Rolling dunes spilled from beating wings,

Their gusts drove the clouds from the sky.

From warmth and sand came small, skittering life,

And from Emelle’s breath blew burning wind.

Ekkar almost fell to the mercy of the northern wind.

Cold and oppressive, it froze the ocean and sand.

He landed on a shard of almost-life,

And used his claws to scrape furred-beasts into creation.

His breath clouded and hung high in the sky,

Ice-dust swirled to the beat of his wings.

Essie loved the feel of soft twilight on her wings.

She spoke trees up from the ground, let leaves tickle her in the wind.

From branches she molded winged things to roam the sky,

With keen eyes that could pick bugs from sand.

Her breath was gentile, a breeze of creation,

Wildflowers sprang where she stepped.

Together, they dripped growth and life,

Splitting the world together with the strength of their wings.

As each visited the others’ creation,

They learned a new appreciation for their breath and the wind.

Soon, snow met soil, met ocean, met sand,

And all swelled together under the endless sky.

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