Don't Smile
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alicrone19Community member
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If you don't want to smile.

Don't Smile

Don't smile

Don't smile if you can't.

Don't think you won't ever smile again.

You will.

It might not be today.

It might not be tomorrow.

But it will be sooner than you think.

You might think it will be never.

But it will be someday.

And maybe someday soon.

Until then, don't smile.

Don't force something you don't feel.

Don't do it to make other people comfortable.

Don't do it to convince yourself you're feeling fine.

Feel what's in you.

Let out the bad.

Find the good.

It's there. I promise.

If you can't find it, find someone to help you look

When you find it, hold it tight.

Water it, feed it, help it grow.

It's work.

It's not always easy.

It's not always fast.

And sometimes it's hard to believe.

But you will smile again.

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