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ever fall in love? well Ali did and he did everything he could to be with the girl he loved only to end up back where he started, doesnt matter if your happly living a love life or going though sadness hopefully my story inspires you not to be hurt or not to ever be sad when someone leaves you.

One chance

Hey whats up?

Don't know how you ended up here but anyway,

what your about to read might be sad to some people or inspiring to others or it can end up being a waste of time but if you ever fell in love or spend your life with someone to have

them break your heart i suggest you read this because i'm going to tell a story on how a boy fell in love with a girl older than him and how he changed his whole life around for her only to

get heartbroken in the end and where he ended up after that heartbreak so you can click away or just continue reading your choice but let's start shall we?

So our 2 characters in this story were The beauty queen, the artist and the girl of everyone's dream Suhana and the cool , funny, sweetheart chef named Ali.

Now Suhana and Ali were 2 different people completely,

Ali was laid back live his life his own way and was very straight up and always laughed off every problem that came his way but suhana was different she was a hardworking female who

had beauty inside and out, everything she did was to keep herself and her clients satisfied.

This story takes place around September of 2019, Ali was with his mom and sister and they got invited to their cousins 16th birthday party,

now ali knew almost everyone at the party but he barely knew the main birthday girl because he never really consider her his actual family but either way ali still attend it knowing there

would be the 2 things he loved at partys 1. Food and 2. Girls.

So after spending time at the party he got bored and started playing with his nephew and his nephew ended up going to a room and once Ali entered he saw something which made his jaw drop

and made him freeze,

right in front of him was probably the most gorgeous girl he e3ver laid eyes on and truth be told ali has dated and been with a lot of girls but no girl ever made him feel how he felt when

he saw this queen in front of him.

He realised she was doing a dance performance for his cousin's birthday party and now Ali was getting interested in the party so he wished her good luck and when he heard her reply back with

her saying "thank you" he knew he found love but he didn't push it until he got to know her better.

Once Ali saw this magical girl do her dance he was smitten by how good she was and how amazing she was in dancing but he ended up not seeing her at all for the rest of the party so he was

a little disappointed, but from that day he kept wondering every day and night "who was that mystery girl who he fell for?".

Let's fast forward 3 months later where Ali was just doing work and was on his facebook and then he was shocked and excited at the same time,

the photo he was looking at was his aunt and well you guessed it his mystery girl who he's been dreaming about since that fateful day.

He found out that this mysterious girl was named Suhana and she was 17 so she was 3 years older than Ali but he didnt care.

He already fell in love and decided that 2020 would be his year and he would win Suhana's heart, but there was a problem with that 1.

He was a laid back person meaning his school and lifestyle wouldn't suit suhana way of living 2.

He gave up on a lot of dreams and goals he had since he thought college and school isn't important anymore,

so from that day forward Ali decided to change his whole life around just so he can win his dream girl.

Now it was hard for ali since he rarely showed up at school and was contestly slacking on studys plus he smoked drinked and always got into fights so for him changing his life around was

going to be a mission,

he started by being more focus and pushing himself in school and whenever he wanted to give up and just say "fuck school" he thought of suhana and how she would feel if she

ever dated hima dn had to deal with his messed up life so he kept pushing himself.

Now at this time Ali started to change a lot, school got easier since he was actually there to study and do his work and he didn't smoke or drink as much anymore,

also around this time he realised suhana already had a business and she was living life freely so if he wanted to impress her he thought he should find a way to make money and

become successful too.

One thing to know about Ali is he was into cooking a lot his dream was to become successful in life, take cooking classes in college and one day open a restaurant,

but anyways Ali had a idea to start a small food business and sell food to people around him such as friends and family but he knew school would take up most of that time so he didn't do it.

Ali would always comment and text Suhana but with her always being busy with work she would never respond but he finally got a response one day and he felt full of joy he told her to keep

up her work with her business and she seem to like what he had said and felt happy on what Ali said, so ali was even more determine to work is life out and impress suhana.

Now around this time suhana was getting busier with life and Ali was still focusing in school and working on his business plan,

he ended up at his cousins house for a week and he remember that his cousin makes music and beats so he asked his cousin if he could help him with a song he wanted to make for suhana and

from there the whole week they spent making lyrics and a beat for Ali love rap song,

in the song he talked about how amazing suhana is even though he only met her once in life and how he's gonna marry her and make memories with her,

around this time he relied on some of his family members and friends for help because they knew from the way he spoke on how much he loved suhana.

Well i know you're wondering now "so where exactly did his life go downhill?

" well it went downhill here, Ali was in his 2nd year of high school while suhana was already in her 1st year of college,

ali one day decided to tell suhana how he felt without revealing too much and from there he texted her a whole paragraph on how he looked up to her as his inspiration and how he changed

his life all around and suhana was well ali didn't know her initial reaction since they were texting and he couldn't really tell how she reacted lol but he felt heartwarmed when

she replied back with a thank you and the advice she given him.

From here well Ali was super confident everything would work out that he wanted to make her a art piece since he knew she liked canvas are so he ended up asking one of his family member if

they knew a artist and when he sent the picture of suhana he wanted painted his happy positive attitude turned into nothing,

he found out the girl who he loved the one he spent a year trying to impress ended up already having another man in her life.

Ali didn't care at first since heartbreaks happen right but then one night suhana texted him in a sweet way that she didn't want him texting through her work account as it was distracting but ali

knew her real reason: she found out he was in love with her and didn't want to break his heart not knowing what she did next would break any guys heart, she ended up not keeping any contact with

him and did not ever react or reply to anything he sent. Now as a reader i know your thinking "he could've got over it" but as a person Ali never loved someone to a point where he changed his li

fe around for them and did so much to be with them, ali went from a happy guy with his life settled out back to drinking and smoking, not focusing in school, and gave up on his dreams again. Ali

thought everything was gonna be okay but he realised that losing suhana as a friend hurted more than losing her as a crush, now here's the question some of you might be wondering, "what happened

to ali and suhana now"? Well ali thought love was never meant for him and now he drinks and smokes more than ever he goes to sleep at night thinking his life would been better off without suhana

but he realised that if it wasn't for her he would've been way worse than he is now so ali worked hard in school, went to college for his culinary classes, and ended up opening a restaurant to do

his work, and as for suhana well she continue college ended up following her career and got promotion and became a very successful woman, but did Ali and Suhana ever meet in person or ever talk

ever since that day? No they didn't but Ali knows suhana forgot about him and Ali always will and remember suhana for not being the girl who broke his heart but as the only girl who could change

his life around and made him who he is today. So what's the message of the story you ask? It's that you should never wait on love if you love someone and want them to know tell them before it's t

oo late they will be yours or break your heart but they will still remain besides you through life and also if they change your life in a way you cant forget, never let them go as a friend or as

soulmate. Well that's enough of this story hope you guys enjoyed it if you did well thanks for reading this and hope your love life is smoother as possible.

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