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alhs I write to express my feelings i guess
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I felt like I was frozen in time


I felt like I was frozen in time

Then time started to rewind

A rush of emotions started to over throw my body

We made eye contact

And your eyes lead me back to the past

Both good and bad memories come running back to me

Feelings of love that I felt

Feelings of anger

Feelings of betrayal

Feelings of utter sadness

So much sadness

You reminded me of who I used to be

A bit weaker

Less confident

Little less happy

I was frozen

I became vulnerable

Youre the only person with this power of me

You have the power of my past over me

You knew too much about me then

You know nothing know about how much ive changed and grown

Maybe if you knew me now we would be together

No - I dont think so actually


Because I am so completely different from that girl you met at the beach

The girl you said I love you to on the mountain is not me anymore

I am not me, but I am a different me

Would you love this me now?

Why am I thinking about this

Why do I want you to love me still

I keep telling myself, ive moved on, ive been with other people

But ive never fallen in love or liked another person since you

Whenever anyone mentions anything serious, I run away

Maybe truthfully, I want to run back to you

Running back to you brings me comfort

You were more than just a boyfriend to me

You were my best friend

The love of my love

The light at the end of a dark path

You were my rock

And when you left I went down the darkest path ive ever seen

And I had no one to tell who would understand and comfort me like you did

You did so much for me

I relied on you so much

You are the end of a chapter of light

And im trying to create my own light

Its so hard

I don't want to do this alone

But I have to

Youre just the easy way out

But youre not the best way out

I was frozen

And this is what came to my mind in a split of a second

I was frozen, and my world flashed before my eyes

I was frozen and im still trying to thaw out

I am frozen

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