Dark Side of Imagination
Dark Side of Imagination stories

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I see them everywhere. In the corner of my room, in the darkness. I see them within these trees. They call me. Tell me, Traveler, what is it that you do around the forest? I couldn't imagine. Come walk with me, maybe we'll get to know each other.

By: Me

Dark Side of Imagination

by Me

So lonely, they are.

Walking around, in groups, of three, four. But they are still lonely.

They hate me, so much.

Yet, I don't understand, why do they hide from me?

Why do you hide from me, beast?

Are you afraid of me? You always want to scare me.

You roam in my bedroom, in the night, through the closet.

Monster, I never thought I'd see your true face.

Now I know who you are... You are myself... You're my fears. You're the dark side of my imagination.

Selfish creature, destroyer of dreams, nightmarish beast. Stop following me, or I'll start liking you.

Every time I try to hate you, I just like you a little more. So go away, don't return, don't look for me.

... Don't look for me.

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