"Til We Meet Again"

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alfiah Fight or Escape
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“til we meet again”

He said to her before leaving the orphanage with his new family

“til we meet again”

She said to him before he closes his eyes forever

TW // blood, knives, abuse, death

(short story)

"Til We Meet Again"

"He said it's all my fault that my mother passed away. That if it wasn't for me, he would still be happy living with mom. He never really loved me in the first place, because I wasn't his biological son.

He leaves for work during the day, while I was still sleeping then comes home from drinking when I was already asleep. He looked like a mess, he was a mess.

Then remember 15 years ago? The day we met? That was my lowest but my happiest day. That day, my stepfather left me in the orphanage.

I was sad, lonely, and heartbroken but on that same day, I met an angel. You. You cheered me up and said that it's ok. That it's ok to be sad and lonely but never let it get into me. That it's ok to live in the orphanage. That's ok now because I have you by my side.

Months passed, we were attached by the hip. When I am in trouble, you were there too. I love how you save us from punishments. I love how witty you are despite our young age. Imagine, we were 5 or 6 that time. We were really happy with just the two of us.

But then 3 years later, someone came to adopt. I was glad that they picked me. I packed up my things then came to you. There was no sign of jealousy or grudge in your eyes, it's just full of excitement like mine. You were really happy for me despite the fact that I am going to leave you here.

I was worried for you. You won't have someone to play with all the time, you won't have someone to sneak with or just talk to in the middle of the night, you won't have someone to lean on when times are hard.

I want to be that someone. But once again, you said that it's alright. So I chose to leave.


I shouted on the top of my lungs while peeking through the roof of the car. That was the last word I said before leaving you for God knows how long.

Weeks after arriving my new 'home', their true colors showed up. They started to just leave me alone at home like what my stepfather did. It seemed like I never existed.

Once, I broke a glass, that's the first time my 'mom' hurt me. It was also the time they started hurting me.

My 'mom' pinching me, slapping me whenever she got the chance. My 'dad' punching me, kicking me whenever he wants.

I see blood all around my body everyday. It became part of my life, being hurt.

I don't know why they adopt me when they will just hurt me. If I could rewind time, I should've stayed with you. I shouldn't have left you alone. I regretted that..

Then you came to my life again, we met for the second time. 2nd year high school. I was really happy. I remember jumping all around the house that it lead to another hurtful experience but it didn't get into me because I was really happy. I could feel happiness again because I'll be with you. My second chance to be with you.

You didn't change. You were still the loving, caring, witty kid I met 15 years ago. My heart was full.

So that being my second chance, I did everything to be with you. To catch up with you, to make up for leaving you even if you told me many times that I don't have to. But I want to, so, you can't stop me.

But the hurting never stopped. They were still doing it. Because of me sneaking out, it got a lot worse.

Knives. It became my new fear. I saw more blood than before.

Then I got the chance to escape before mom stab me. I came to you.

Then here we are. You listening to my story, me on this hospital bed in my remaining time. Please don't cry. It hurts me when you cry.

I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for being my savior, thank you for making me happy, for making me feel at home. Thank you for being there for me.

I also wanted to say sorry. I'm sorry for bringing trouble, I'm sorry for leaving you, I'm sorry I couldn't be there, I'm sorry for being weak.

I wish you forever happiness, I would be there with you, not physically but I'll be on your side, watching you.

Thank you for everything, sorry for everything, you deserve everything, my love

Sorry I can't hold on any longer. I love you"

"You don't bring me any trouble, I told you that it's ok to go, coz we'll meet again and you're not weak. Stop saying you're weak, you're the strongest person I've met.

Til we meet again, soulmate. I love you too." She kissed him on his forehead and cried her heart out when he closed his eyes...forever.

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