Love to Hate (upcoming season 2)
Love to Hate (upcoming season 2) love to stories

alfa_tomboy Love to read names Cheyann 12 fem
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Love to Hate (upcoming season 2)

Alright I have some ideas for a season two of Love to Hate. Some of u may remember from my previous account that I had a series called Love to Hate, if u haven't read or seen it I recommend u go check it out so u understand season two

I hope that this works out because I have some good ideas from this. I will try to write as much as I can manage

I have added another pet to my house and my mom's been off for a few days so I haven't had enough time to get some work in

I have noticed I am losing followers. I don't know if it's from me not posting it what but plz just work w me that's all I'm asking

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