Love to Hate (season 2 part 1)
Love to Hate (season 2 part 1) love to stories
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It's been about three years since I've seen Alex, me and the girls lost contact, I stopped talking to the brothers so now I was pretty much on my own. I'm now 19 years old and fresh out of college! I have a new Ferrari, spent a long time saving up for it and finally got enough money to buy it.

Love to Hate (season 2 part 1)

It's been about three years since I've seen Alex, me and the girls lost contact, I stopped talking to the brothers so now I was pretty much on my own.

I'm now 19 years old and fresh out of college! I have a new Ferrari, spent a long time saving up for it and finally got enough money to buy it.

I also flew out to California for school but I think I'm gonna fly back to my home town. I wonder if any of the guys are still out there. I hope I don't run into anyone I know from past times.

Yeah flying home sounds good, I'll go this weekend. Heh maybe my old house is still there, that house was so old they probably took it down.

Might as well start packing, but the ticket, and get a good night's sleep so I'm well prepared for this weekend.

-on the plane, it's Saturday-

Gah I hate planes. Looking through the window, seeing how high up I am, how if something goes wrong anything could happen just makes me nervous and throws me into panic attack.

Fun times my guy fun times.

At least I'm not in the window seat, hell if I was by the window the fucking curtain thing would be blackout and down all the time.

They told me this would be an hour flight, just great, I have an airport down a few blocks from my old house so I bet as we're landing I'll see the old bakery.

If this is gonna take an hour I'ma sleep an hour. Passing out asleep sounds like the best idea right now.

-im not an expert w planes and what it's like to be on one so let's just skip to her old house-

I landed about 30 minutes ago and walked down to my old house.

I stopped in the driveway when I saw my lights on 'oh shit' I thought as I walked in knowing my parents would tell me if someone else rented it.

'shit!' I cursed in my head when I heard Alice's voice coming down the stairs. She looked at me once she reached the bottom and came at me crying "Christy!" She yelled tackling me in a hug.

I chuckled and hugged her back "sup" I said as I walked up the stairs to my room, I reached my doorway and saw the brothers run at me picking me up in a hug "Christy your back!

" They all yelled, I chuckled as they put me down.

I flipped my hat backwards and looked around the room, getting teary eyed "just like when we were younger" I said rubbing my eyes.

I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, Alice was with me and no one talked to Lucy anymore, then who the hell was there?

I chuckled at one of the brothers making a funny face and looked back feeling someone breath on the back of my neck.

I looked up and saw Alex, I growled deeply and walked to Alice, I bent to her level and whispered in her ear "why the hell is he here" she looked up at me "language!

" She said, I tilted my head to the side "I don't have any fucks to give" I said leaning all my weight onto one foot.

I avoided looking at Alex, who has grown much taller. "Christy can I talk to you in private please" Alice said looking up at me "yeah yeah sure" I said as she walked down the stairs.

I trained behind her until we got outside, I could see all the guys in my window out of the corner of my eye "what" i said.

"Please just give Alex a second chance" she said grabbing my hands "I don't do second chances,

you fuck up once I don't give you another opportunity to fuck up" I said looking her dead in the eye "he messed up and only wants a new start with you" she said.

I glanced up and locked she contact with Alex, I sighed and nodded my head "fine but tell him only one more chance" I said walking over and sat on the old swing set.

Alice smiled and waved the guys down. James opened the window "is it safe!?" He yelled, Alice chuckled "yeah I got her c'mon" she said waiving them down.

James closed the window and the guys came out.

None of them sat next to me, except Alex. I started to swing to avoid looking at him. He sighed and grabbed my swing making it stop "Christy I'm sorry" he said looking at me.

I still had feelings for him I was just scared to admit it. I mean yeah I wanted to be with him I just didn't know if he would do it again.

I covered my face with me hands and groaned,

Alex reached over and lightly rubbed my back "look I know you probably hate me and I don't blame you but just please give me another chance I fucked up and I know I shouldn't have,

I love you and I really regret everything I did" he began "you deserve so much more" he finished and removed his hand from my back.

I sighed deeply and looked up at him "I love you to" I said smirking and walked over to Alice "your lucky" I said, she shivered knowing exactly what I meant.

She fell to her knees and threw her arms up like she was praying "I'm not gonna die today!" She yelled making us all laugh.

I chuckled and grabbed her arm pulling her up with one hand "damn your stronger than I remember" she said teasing me "run" I said as she slowly began to run.

I chased after her jumping over the picnic table in the backyard "c'mere ya little shit!" I yelled tackling her. I picked her up and threw her in the pool.

I chuckled and looked down at her, she reached up and tried to grab my ankle, I backed up and ran into someone.

"Shit" I said looking up and seeing Alex pick me up, he chuckled and threw me in, I dragged him with me. I laughed and hopped out "I'ma go change" I said walking inside.

I walked upstairs to my room and shut the door, quickly I changed and fight on time to, Alex walked in as I put on a hoodie.

"Hey" I said smiling slightly "hey" he said walking up behind me, I smiled slightly as he bent down and kissed me on the head. "Don't push it" I said chuckling knowing he knew what I meant.

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