Fading into Winter
Fading into Winter poetry stories

alexspoetry Aspiring poet just sharing his thoughts
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How we all fade into the winter❄️ - Feedback appreciated!

Fading into Winter

The hues of emerald fade behind us, as class slowly ticks on. A new blanket of perfection, gently laying down its coats.

The once golden trees now skeletons of before, as the grasp of winter slowly takes its on toll. The past that we left behind, now too beautiful to let go.

The days now shorter as our lives tick by. The precious moments doubting if much was made. Now only our hues of emerald fade, Broken by shared crossroads of fate.

Outside, the wind howls and tears, Like the angers we’ve released times before, The breeze sends shivers down my spine, As English class comes back into mind.

Feedback appreciated! @alexspoetry

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