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A man just moved into a house but what awaited him was something unexpected.

Haunter of the House

I’ve always had an active imagination, I’ve made my fortune off of it. Writing stories of things I’ve thought up and selling them to people who are too dull to create something themselves.

This story, however, is different, this one is real.

It was eleven years ago when all these hauntings began. I had just moved into my grandmother’s old house after she passed on. Her house was lavish and just large enough to fit all of my books.

I had just begun setting up the library when these hauntings began. First, there was a crash of a vase, then books began to fall off the shelf.

I brushed it off as me just being lazy and irresponsible. But then one night, I could no longer ignore all of the things that had happened.

It t’was a stormy night, my grandfather clock ticking like a heartbeat in the distance, and a crack of thunder now and again.

I was in my study working on my latest novel when I suddenly heard a knock at the door.

“Who disturbs me?” I questioned the unseen figure. There was no answer so I continued on my work. Another knock, more anxious this time.

“Come in!” I called out. Still no answer.

My heart quickened, but I sat in silence with only the tick of a clock and the dripple of rain to comfort me. I went back to my work.

It’s just the wind, I told myself, but the knocking returned, banging on the door.

“Whoever, dares to disturb me shall have their head.” I yelled as I stormed to the door but as I ripped open the door there was no one there. I looked left and right, but no one in sight.

“I need to sleep.”

I gathered my work, and brought it with me to my chambers. I put on my pajamas, climbed into bed, and read over the first few chapters before I had been disturbed again. A knock on the door.

I ignored it. The knocking continued, for quite some time but after awhile the knocking ceased.

Relieved, I turned and shut the light off and laid my head on my pillow waiting for sleep to take me away, but just as I was about to fall under I heard the creak of the door hinges.

I sat up with a start and looked to the door, but it was shut. I looked around my room but couldn’t find any open doors. Suddenly, I heard a laugh, a child’s playful giggle.

I looked around the room until I saw something in the far corner. The silhouette of a body no larger than that of a five year old. I reached over to turn on my light, but the bulb wouldn’t burn.

“Hello?” I called out.

“Come play with me.” The voice of a girl cried out.

“L-l-leave me alone.” I sputtered out.

“Come play with me.” The silhouette of the child began to draw nearer to me, so I ran out of my bedroom and out into the hall. The voice still uttering that tortuous sentence. “Come play with me."

I continued to run down the long hallway until I saw an outline in moonlight.

A girl with long hair blowing in the nonexistent wind, stood in an old white dress that seemed to have slash marks across it. I turned to run back but there she was again.

“Come play with me.” The girl began to walk towards me, her voice began to draw nearer and nearer.

“Please, please, stay away!” I shouted, but the girl continued to draw nearer.

“Come play with me,” she said in a deeper, more chilling voice, almost like that of a ginormous man.

The eyes of the child were no longer black lifeless marbles, but instead fiery, blood red eyes that held the souls of the damned.

I could hear them screaming, the closer she came the louder they got.

“Stop, stop!” I cried as I curled into a ball covering my ears, trying to silence the voices. “STOP!”

They did, but so did everything else. I felt a chilling hand on the back of my neck that pulled my head up. I met the fiery eyes, I could see all the souls that were trapped.

There was no more little girl, only a demon. We stood there, the two of us, in utter silence. No heartbeat, no rain drops, no thunder, just silence.

“Come play with me,” the demon said in a low, chilling voice.

It opened its mouth revealing thousands of rows of razor teeth, and at the very end of the tunnel a girl, the same as the one I had ran from.

Then there was a blinding light and a sudden rush of fiery heat that not even the pits of hell could match.

I felt my soul being dragged from my body, every inch of me dying from the flames that engulfed me. I tried to scream, but my words became lost in my fire engulfed throat. Then it all stopped.

No more fire, no more pain. I tried speaking again but nothing came out. I opened my eyes and realized I was back in my bed.

“It was only a dream,” I tried to assure myself but there was something different about this new world I was in. I felt nothing. No warmth, no cold, not even the sheets on me.

I ignored it though, there were more pressing matters to deal with. Feeling hungry, I began walking to the kitchen and as I was grabbing some bread for toast I heard a door open.

“No, no, leave me alone!” I shouted, expecting to see that evil little girl again.

“This house is a little above your price range, but it has everything you asked for.” I heard a woman say.

I walked to the front room where I saw four people: two women, a man, and a child who was no older than five and bore a resemblance to the ghost that had tormented me.

The child stared directly at me and gave me an evil smile.

“It’s your turn.” she whispered to me.

“No, no, bring me back. BRING ME BACK!” I shouted but no one heard. It was all clear now, I was damned, I was the haunter of this house from now until eternity.

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