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Charles is a loyal grocery stocker, who takes small jobs has a housekeeper. He takes a job that seems to pay well, but too easy for him, until he realizes soon that he's more than just their babysit, but the man of the hour.

Kreepy Krawlers

Hello there. My name is Charles Gracelend, and I hate spiders. Well all spiders and anything that looks like them. To some, they’re interesting creatures and do take care of the pests that buzz about, causing annoying to the ones around them. Wonderful, yes and I used to be in love with them, but situations can indeed change a man’s perspective on things like this. A little bit more about myself, is that I am a housekeeper. I clean, cook, and sometimes babysit to wherever I am needed. The families that require my assistance when their lives become a bundle of events, are somewhat odd, but the pay and their kindness tends to keep me distracted. One family in particular was known as The Davidsons. A quiet family that barely interacted with the neighbors. No matter if the neighbors acknowledged them, they were ignored and would continue on their merry way as if they were invisible. Anyways, Mr. and Mrs. Davidson gave me a call one Tuesday morning, “Hello?” I answered in a groggy voice as it was too early for me to be waking up. Especially to a phone call’s ringtone pounding against my ear. “Charles? This is Mr. Davidson. Your neighbor. I hope I’m not bothering you. It is very early.” The monotoned voice in my ear made me tense up. This is the first time that I heard an actual voice to my antisocial neighbor. “Of course not. In fact, I was just getting up. What can I do for you?” I asked, slowly getting out of bed, and I could hear that he has placed me on speaker. “Me and my wife require your services.” He informs me. “You see, tonight is our anniversary, and well, I’ll last babysitter cancelled on such short notice.” His wife’s voice sounded a bit more cheerful as she explained. Almost make you wonder how their conversations go when something is on their mind. She almost sounded normal. “And you need a sitter for your kids, correct?” I asked, finishing up their request, with a slight smile on my face. “Yes. If you would be so kind as to do it for us. We’re willing to pay three hundred up front.” Mrs. Davidson says. Three hundred was a lot of money to just babysit two kids, and it made me feel a bit uneasy. “Is that enough for you? Maybe add another hundred to satisfy your palette.” Mrs. Davidson says with a bit of a softer tone. “The said amount is fine. I would just need to know the exact time to be there.” I said with slight excitement in my voice, preparing my breakfast. “Six o’clock would be the best time. We’ll be returning back home later on that night.” Mr. Davidson’s voice returned and once again, it made me tense to just hear a sliver of his voice. “I’ll be there.” I assured them. Before I could respond, Mr. Davidson interrupted me, with a fair warning. “Charles, never go down into the fourth room in the hallway. My mother is quite ill and doesn’t want anyone to see her in those conditions. Is that understood?” He asked. His voice reached a higher volume of tension that rushed through my spine.

“Yes, sir. You have my word.” I once again, assured them both of that rule is going to be followed through. The conversation ceased, once they hung up the phone. The way he sounded about the room just made me curious, but I was distracted by remembering the amount of money that I would receive for my “hard work”. I chuckled to myself and sat down to start eating. As I was eating, a small spider was ascending to the top of my table. “Hey there, little fella. I guess you’re my guest for breakfast.” I said with fascination. Looking a bit closer as it climbed on top of my finger. The colors on its body intrigued me. Purple, midnight blue, and white. At all the spiders I have seen, I’ve never seen one like this. I chuckled and walked over to the window sill and let it out into the wild. It spun its diamond-like glistening thread til it safely reached it’s flowery destination. I waved goodbye to it before closing the window to keep from getting more uninvited guests. I sat back down in my chair and began to eat my toast. On my hand, I noticed a red spot on my finger where the spider spun it’s web. I shrugged it off since spots appear on my body all the time, and was never anything major. My morning went on as usual. I showered and then I went onto my regular day job. I worked at my local grocery about fifteen miles from where my house was. With the exciting life of a stocker over with, I did a little grocery shopping, and headed home. By the time that I got done with my second shower for the day, I noticed that it was to minutes to six and started making my way to Davidson's house. For some reason, there was nobody else outside. Yes, it was still sunny outside but I would still be able to see kids playing and the adults talking and chatting amongst themselves. This made me question as to the reason why. Before I knew it, I was already at my destination. I let out a sigh and reached for the doorbell, but Mr. and Mrs. Davidson already opened the door and greeted him with a soft smile. When I saw them, it didn’t seem like I could match their voices to them at all, but I did my best to return a smile. “Charles come on in. Thanks for coming.” Mr. Davidson says and makes way for me to enter their home. The outside of the house was lovely and organized, but the inside made me feel like I stepped back in time to the victorian period with a modern flare. I was simply taken back by the warm, yet tight atmosphere. I snapped out of it once I felt Mrs. Davidson’s touch on my shoulder. “Are you alright, Charles?” She asked, giving a worried expression, and I gave her a nod. “Yes, ma’am. Your home decor just made me feel too comfortable for words. Its beautiful.” Charles complimented. Mrs. Davidson smiles at Charles, knowing that he’s alright, made her happy. “The children are upstairs in their rooms, doing homework. The food is already prepared for them. They have a very special diet, and they won’t eat anything else. They’re picky at this age.” Mr. Davidson announced. “The fridge is free to use and the television is all yours. Just don’t let the kids outside and remember the rule about the door, Charles.” Mr. Davidson grabbed their coats and car keys.

“We’ll be back before midnight, Charles. Please enjoy yourself.” Mr. Davidson walks out the door and I followed behind them. “Have fun, you two. Your children are in good hands.” I wanted to congratulate them on their special day, but I rather closed the door because it was very cold out. I thought about how I would spend my night inside this semi-moderate house. Kids are doing homework, and the old woman is self quarantined. I didn’t even know where to start, so I just sat down and watched television. An hour only passed as I continued watching television, when it only felt like minutes to me. No loud noises from the kids upstairs. I guess they were being considerate of their sick grandmother. The thought of the grandmother reminded me of Mr. Davidson’s rule to never go towards it. My curiosity was always the reason I would get into trouble as a child and also as an adult. “I could see if she’s alright at least, right?” I thought out loud. But I would feel awful for betraying my employer’s trust, and shook off the feeling of disobediance, but the feeling kept crawling into the slits of my mind. I wanted to see that room, but at the same time I knew I shouldn’t. The curious side gotten the best of me and I stood up. I turned towards the staircase, and jumped at the sight of the kids. “Shit. I didn’t hear you guys come down.” I gave a nervous chuckle, while the kids remained silent. Making me feel slightly uncomfortable. “I’m Charles. Your parents called me over to babysit you tonight.” I explained. “We know.” The little boy with short brown hair and green eyes spoke up to me. “Im Keith and this is Adam.” With the way he spoke, it was exactly like his dad. I waved to Adam but he simply looked up at me before his cold gaze went over towards my hand. Adam whispered over to his brother, and their eyes were stuck on my hand. I supposed that they were looking at the weird spot. “Are you sick, Charles?” Adam asked and I shook my head. “Oh no. This happens all the time, so don’t worry. So are you guys hungry?” I asked and watched them go into the kitchen. For kids so young, they knew how to prepare their meals, but it was how they ate that really astonished me. The food itself looked like raw ground beef with a pinkish stew. They began eating it as if they were starving. Slop went all over their hands, making a mess on the table and even a bit on the floor. It was like these kids were beasts. I could hear the squelching sounds of uncooked meat between their chewing, crossing the meat between their fingers. “Guys, calm down. The food isn’t going anywhere.” I laughed, but as I got closer, they shot their gaze at me yet again. It was disturbing so I backed off. Seeing them eat so ravenous, made me feel uncomfortable. I went back to the television, and turned up the volume to stop hearing the disgusting sounds from the kitchen, but it felt a bit much. The suddenly, it stopped. Like, it stopped immediately for some reason. I went to check on the boys, but they weren’t in the kitchen. “Are the kitchen damn ninjas or something? Where the hell they go?” I said out loud. I looked all over the kitchen, bedroom, and even in the bathrooms. The only place left was that forbidden room. My curiosity shadowed over me again, as I stared it down. I couldn’t go in there, but I had to see if Adam and Kieth were just visiting their granny or not. The floorboards creaked under my sneakers with each step I took, going towards that ominous room. I reached for the doorknob, but was interrupted by the sound of dishes in the kitchen. I ran towards the stairs and into the kitchen, but to only see nothing. Nothing, but two identical spiders that I seen in my kitchen with me this morning. I began to panic.

“Fuck fuck fuck. I’m so dead. I’m so fucking dead.” My mind in a frenzy, thinking of what could happen to them. I’m getting ready to call the police, but I started to feel dizzy. My vision became distorted. I look around, shaking my head to see if it’ll go back to normal, but fell to the floor. I could hear the sound of my cell phone drop to the floor next to me, and all I’ve seen were a set of eyes that didn’t appear to be human, and long hairy legs. Next day, I woke up in my bed. In my house. My head throbbing and my vision still deterred. “Adam?! Keith?!” I yelled, remembering that I did lose sight of them last night, but nothing else came to mind. Next to me, on my nightstand, was an envelope containing four hundred dollars, and a note from their parents. “Thank you for your services, Charles. The kids said that you fell asleep as soon as you put them to bed. An extra was added to the amount as generosity. Sincerely, Mr. and Mrs. Davidson.” I tried to feel excited for the amount, but I felt so out of place about it. I tried to remember, but only seen flashes of those disgusting eyes, and stick-like limbs. I looked at my hand and it seems the spot grew. I don’t know what’s happening to my hand or what’s the missing pieces of my memories, but I plan to find out. But first, I need to rest.

End of Chapter One

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