The Feral Jackal
The Feral Jackal anger stories

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Sometimes we come to the sudden realization that the way we think now is very different than the way we used to think. Sometimes, our perception of loved ones change. Sometimes, we fail to see that we have also succumbed to the darkness...

The Feral Jackal

I saw them. Through the darkness of my backyard, between the two old pines. Red eyes reflecting back at me.

But I was confused. I knew those eyes. They were always so beautiful to me, so captivating.

But they used to be blue. Strange that they were now red. I was appropriately scared. They say eyes are windows into the soul, and that's true, but only if you're willing to look through the window.

For a long time I don't think I really looked through the window of those eyes, and so they appeared blue. For a long time I don't think that I saw the evil.

Perhaps it was because those eyes fed me, loved me, supported me.... Perhaps I simply didn't have the knowledge to know any better.... Perhaps.... So many possibilities...

I continued staring through those trees at the red eyes reflecting back at me. You see, I'm looking into what was once my home.

I'm not inside my old home staring out, I'm standing outside staring in, because I'm no longer afraid of the darkness.

I'm afraid of the deceptive eyes staring back at me, those evil red eyes.

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