I Feel so Sad
I Feel so Sad depression stories

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Some of the confusion and hypocrisy I felt when depressed but also solved in the end

I Feel so Sad

I feel so sad. Words escape me. I sit here, emotions raging through me like an angry lion, hungering to devour me whole. But all I can say is, I feel sad.

A stampede of hopelessness is overrunning my heart, but all I can say is, I feel sad.

An inferno of desire rages. The desire to express myself eloquently, in a manner other people can relate to and understand. But all I can say is.... I... feel.... sad....

Well, I guess I can say one other thing as well. I'm also scared. Scared of the only words I seem to be able to express. Scared of, "I feel sad". Do you know why? Because those words mean that my mind is frozen in a tundra of fear.

Deserted on the cruel, harsh landscape of depression. It refuses to allow itself to shine in self expression. But, ironically, it has.

Like a magnifying glass in the sun, I have concentrated my energies on one point of focus. On what thoughts lie inside my mind. On exactly what I'm scared of. And that isn't sad.

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