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Best friends, Jordan Miller and Ren Fujimori, are faced with a number of cultural differences and societal shames. Will they grow together or apart? This is an unfinished story, so i hope you stick around for the next chapters! Any constructive criticism is welcomed, but please go easy on me. My ego is very small.

Chapter one: I go by Jay to her

I leave my last class for the day and rush to the bench, where she waits on me every day. College sucks, but I'm getting used to it. She makes it easier. I won't lie, I feel good today.

I have on my new all-jean outfit and Nikes. My curly red hair is in a high side pony tail complete with a scrunchie. I'm walking with my head high and mostly proud of who I am...

or who I look like at least.

She has bob-length, silky hair as black as coal... and it's in her face. I'll never understand why she hides behind it.

She has on bright pink pants and a colorful yellow sweater with pink shapes to match and I can't take my eyes off her. I'm an addict.

To know a girl like Ren Fujimori is one thing, to be her best friend is a blessing that I will forever be in debt to her for.

I found her in our usual spot, on that cold, metal bench that your ass had to get used to before you could relax. She had a book in her hands that looked just grody, but I won't dog her for it.

"Whatcha' reading?" I ask. I think I scared her a little because she jumped in her shoulders a bit. "Just a Julie Garwood book." She said with a soft smile.

Those were her weird romance novels that only old women read for the book cover. "You ready to bounce?" I asked, but she laughed at me for using 'trendy' words as I don't normally try this hard.

Guess I just feel weird today. She nodded and we started to head towards my house. Her parents were a little hard on her, so she spent a lot of time hanging with me.

I wish I could help more, but I also don't want to interfere. Our steps were in sync nearly the entire walk to my place. Our conversation carried from one subject to another.

We spoke excitedly and playfully about how hot her English 1101 teacher was and day dreamed about getting a car together and moving out of our parents soon.

We are both hard workers, Ren definitely more than me, but hey, I'm a rebel.

We were laughing at some sick joke she made about her professor looking like my dad and then we she got quiet, "Hey, Jay?" my name is Jordan Miller, but I go by Jay to her. Just her.

"Yeah?" I respond.

"I know my family can be a lot, but I turn twenty soon, as you know, and my family is planning to take me to dinner. I was hoping you would like to come."

"Hell yeah! You know I'll be there, Ren."

She smiled at my remark and we turned into my parent's driveway. My room was totally decked out in boho decorations and fun lights.

Ren always made great suggestions of what to add and sometimes would move things around in my room to make things look a bit more thought out. It is practically her room too.

There is a colorful hammock hung above my bed that she often crashed on.

I liked when she would sleep right above me like that because I could poke her sides and butt to make her laugh or piss her off. Both were equally entertaining.

She plopped down at my atrociously messy desk and looked at me with a big smile on her face. "You're creepin' me out, man.

What's with the teeth?" to which she laughed and hid her smile behind her hair as usual. "I have a present!" she said with a little wiggle in my old raggedy desk chair.

"What? Ren, you're supposed to be saving for your car!" I lectured.

"Oh my gosh! Shut up. You know I'm good with my money. Just take the gift!" She said as she shook her head and pulled the little brown bag out of her book bag.

She shoved the bag at me and I smiled and huffed at her. She was so short compared to me I had to look down at her when she was that close to me. I was about 5'10" and she was a solid 4'11".

I often worry about her getting hurt, but I try not to think about it too much.

I grabbed the bag and pulled out this absolutely gorgeous sheet of purple and yellow patterns with a big teal sun in the middle.

"You got me a tapestry!" I squealed and picked her up and swung her around. I had one big empty spot on my wall that wasn't covered in magazine clippings and bohemian decorations.

I was just waiting on the right thing for the space, but way too lazy and bad at decorating to have figured that out. She never fails to amaze me.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" I said as I put her down. She smiled and snatched it from me to start hanging it up. She loves decorating my room. Her room at home is pretty boring.

It's just white and pink and nothing extra. Very minimalist. Her parents say they don't want her to have too many distractions.

She ended up staying the night since neither of us had work nor class the next day. We both worked at the mall, but different stores.

She is a cashier at a little book store and I work at a record shop right across from her. That's how we met when I moved to our city in our junior year of high school.

She would've never spoke to me if I didn't talk to her first.

Not because of anything personal, but she is so severely introverted, that it was almost too difficult to get her to speak back to me to begin with.

Me on the other hand, I am a firecracker of a lady.

My mom says it's because I'm a red head, but honestly I think I was just given soda too early as a child and was allowed to cuss if I was passionate about something.

I still have my moments though. I for sure can be quiet, especially if it involves my feelings, but I won't get into that.

It was getting close to one in the morning, so I suggested we go to sleep.

Ren yawned out a "sounds good" that was barely audible and she climbed up in the hammock and I laid beneath her on my twin sized bed. She had no trouble falling asleep.

I was tired, but couldn't seem to shut off my brain long enough to drift asleep.

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