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the thrill and excitement before you actually experience the joy.

"the pre joy "

silent thrill

You head outdoors, feeling the cool night breeze shuffle your hair. Standing by the pavement you wait or your friends, feeling the familiar weight of your skateboard tucked under your arm.

Setting down the skateboard you rest one foot on it and lean against the brick wall thinking of the fun that is to come.

The exhilaration of racing on skateboards down streets surrounded by laughter. The adrenaline flowing through your veins as you perform a new stunt.

The cheers in your ears after you've succeeded. The first sip of ice-cold water down your parched throat, dry after working out your energy, exchanging laughs and talks.

The wind whipping out your hair as you skate peacefully with your friends. Stopping at a food truck, enjoying the aroma of late-night food, and sipping sodas.

Your friend's voice as they pause to catch their breath laughing while telling a story. The feeling of closeness as everyone digs into the food.

Then the skate back home with everyone singing softly and listening to each other's sorrows. The supportive voices merging and whispering goodbyes.

You look up at the stars and the wisps of white clouds lingering around the moon and thinking how blessed one could be, having good friends, food and fun.

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