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good times will definitely come after rough times. everyone needs to hold on and continue to fight for themselves and help others fight their war.


"Ummi I'm scared," a little girl held onto her mother, tiny hands clutching at her mother's shawl.

"Its alright dear," the mother replied, her energy focusing on assuring her child, "I'm here with you.' She nestled the child into her arm, and they both gazed up the sky.

The sky was dark but orange lights followed by booms ignited the sky from time to time. Smoke fused with clouds hung above the earth, hiding the glittering goodness beyond.

The mother rubbed her swollen belly, lay her daughter on her lap, and tried to settle on the rough gravel. She leaned her heavy head against a crumbling wall and tried getting some rest.


Sehra pulled herself out her trance as her daughter -now much older- barged into the room, chattering about what her brother had thought of during their game.

She smiled and opened the curtains, revealing a dark night sky full of shimmering stars and a crescent welcoming a new month.

The smell of fresh flatbread being made on large pans wafted through the window. Chatter lessened as people closed up their temporary stalls for the end of another day.

She could not get enough of the clear sky, away from the bombs and smoke, years after her youth.

She had fought her way into peace, peace for herself, and peace for her family.

The ground no longer rumbled beneath her, the sky no longer flamed up above her, but now the winds whistled and her soul was at rest.

Her heart was still at her home crying for the ones she's lost, the ones who'd protected her and caused her a sense of peace.

With tearful eyes and clenched hands, she decided to continue fighting. Continue fighting for what's right, for what had been hers, and for the lives of others.

She would fight until she lay beneath the sand and others could view a clear sky. Until everyone could let their soul rest and their chest rest calm.

Until the newborn child was born to the sound of their mother's hushed tones and not the disturbance outdoors.

Till peace is restored in the hearts of people as they accept that they cannot rule the world but could rule the hearts.

Till they welcome the difference in people as a blessing and not a threat. Till they start the day with relief to live another day.

To live in peace with the people, one's surrounding, and the Earth.

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