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the feeling of writing. putting your thoughts onto paper.


The dark ink bleeds into the soft white paper showing the curves you've written on it.

Your hand flowing across the paper as your thoughts flow from your mind and into the hand taking place of readable words.

The jumbled mess in your mind straightening out as it flows into a singled curved line. The blank paper gets increasingly caressed as the bottled up feelings get displayed on paper.

The relief of letting stormy clouds let loose its rain. Like releasing the pressure that had built up in a closed up place. A sharp breath being held before exhaling.

The sun dances across the pages, enlightening the words. Making the paper a golden sheet and the words sway.

Words that get caught up your throat, words that are always lurking in the corners of your mind, words that won't escape your tongue. All fumbling out.

Creating ease in your heart, as you let your hand do the talking. Your mind freeing its contents. You stop and look at the paper, shadows, and golden sunshine playing across it.

Words that would help you more if others heard them. Words that someone would give anything to hear.

Precious and harsh. Soothing and brittle. Your insecurities and pain. Joys and loves.

You release a breath and close your eyes. To feel everything come loose and not knotted is a solace.

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