How to self harm Or maybe not
How to self harm

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alexis735Community member
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How to self harm Or maybe not

1) pick any object you want to use

2)Think about why you want to do this and how you feel

3) put that object down and think to yourself....

remember that time when you jump of a plane and surive?

Remeber the time when you are a great grandparent?

Remeber when you passed out in the Rollercoaster next to your child

There's is 1 out of 3 chances that none of this thing happen, there's still so much more to do, so much to live for, remember to yourself that you are more than what people say... Remeber that you are perfect

Each year 34,000 people commit suicide, theres at least 3,000 people that killed themselves each day. Lets take action and change that number to 0

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