Title: What If....
Title: What If.... hope stories

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What would the world look like if we helped each other out when one of us needed the help? What if we stopped thinking about our own needs and started thinking about other people’s needs.

Title: What If....

Who am I to judge those who seem like trouble,

Who am I to strike out against those who deserve it,

Who am I to say I don’t need You in my life?

What if instead of blaming others for my mistakes,

I accepted my consequences and faced the truth?

Instead of judging,

What if I instead talked and understood their needs?

What if I didn’t strike out

But walked away and calmed myself down,

What if I said I needed You in my life?

What if....

I wonder what life would be like if

People stopped judging on first sight

And instead started making friends with everyone?

What if people stopped blaming others for their mistakes

And accepted that it might have been their own fault?

What would the world look like than

If everyone worshiped You, Oh God?

And let You take control?

What if....

What if fathers didn’t abandoned their children,

And some parents didn’t abuse their kids?

What if we got kids back into schools,

And off the streets and out of gangs?

What if instead of walking past a homeless person,

We offered them a warm drink and some food?

What would the world look like than?

What if....

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