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Kellin Daniels was not high. He did not get baked out of his mind this morning.

just like john green

Kellin Daniels was not high.

He did not get baked out of his mind this morning.

He does not sell liquor to underage children.

He does not sell drugs during school hours.

These are things that Kellin told the officer that came to his house. They were all lies, but that didn't stop him from getting pissed off when they decided he was guilty.

“Oh come on! This is total B.S. I demand my one phone call!”

“Kellin, I'm gonna say this one more time.” officer parker held his head in his hands. He was tired. He had already been having a rough day when he was assigned to Kellin.

Kellin wasn't very keen on cooperating. He had been getting the mail when Officer Parker pulled into the driveway. Kellin took off before Parker was even out of the car.

He ran for six blocks before he was caught.

“You are not being arrested. You are being placed in a youth rehabilitation centre for longterm treatment. This is a non-negotiable plan. We’ve talked with them and your parents think-”

“Foster parents,” Kellin interjected.

“Your, foster parents, have agreed that this is the best option for you Kellin.”

Kellin rolled his eyes, crossed his arms, and leaned back in his chair. “Whatever, “ he said, looking away.

Officer Parker pursed his lips. “Well, your parents have-”

“Foster parents.”

Officer Parker continued as if Kellin hadn't said anything.

“Packed your clothes, some books, and your textbooks. Anything else you need can be brought to you at a later time. This isn't a punishment Kellin.”

Kellin didn't answer. Tears were threatening to spill out over his eyes if he said anything or even moved.

“Kellin come on kid.” Nathan Parker was a soft-hearted man. He could see the pain and hurt in Kellin's eyes. “It's not as bad as it seems.”

Kellin didn't answer. He didn't feel like speaking. At this point, he didn't feel like living. They were sending him to rehab?


This was definitely a punishment.

“Kellin, listen, you don't have to go until tomorrow and something tells me that you don't want to go back to your house so I'll make you a deal.”

Kellin kept his head down and his hands clenched. He swore he could feel the blood beating through his veins. Or maybe that was rage? Something was pumping.

“Let me take you to my house.”

Kellin's head shot up.

Was this a joke? Could he actually do that?


Officer Parker looked at his watch.

“Because I can't trust you to go home, I get off in six minutes, I don't think anyone else will treat you like anything more than a criminal here, and my wife is making dinner.”

“Y-your inviting me to your house, to eat dinner with your family?”

“Yes, you can come with me or you can stay in a holding cell overnight.

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