It hurts because I don't
It hurts because I don't stories

alexinthecorner bitter bisexual disaster, he him pronoun
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I don't hurt because you left, I hurt because of what you took.

It hurts because I don't

I don't hurt because you left, I hurt because of what you took.

I gave you the literal food from my mouth and the clothes on my back.

I gave you love.

I gave you hope.

I gave you myself.

All of me.

My hopes, my dreams, my warmth, my sanity, my life, my love.

I gave you all I could and it still wasn't enough.

MORE kisses

MORE hugs

MORE sex

MORE of me owning you

MORE hurting you

And when I finally did what you asked, you left me and my broken, shattered mind.

You took the best of me and kept it.

I got in trouble for you

I fought for you

I hurt for you

And the thanks I get?

Assaulting me, raping my best friend, and then saying we were the ones who did it to YOU

You make me sick because you're sick in the head, but I still miss you.

I miss the 3 AM phone calls, the note passing, the way you said my name, and how you called me something that definitely wasn't my name.

The way your hands felt in mine, the way your smile is etched into my mind, how your kisses showed me the light.

How could something so beautiful ruin me in an instant? You destroyed me and then left. I stayed up for days, wishing death would end the heartbreak. I drank, I cut, I did drugs.

I caused myself all the pain you left me with. I ruined my life because of what you did. I did everything for you, and you repay me with Stockholm syndrome.

I can't kiss my current partner without thinking of you, and your perfume, and it makes me sick.

you make me sick.

you made me sick.

You ruined me

Ruined me

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