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alexinthecornerbitter bisexual disaster, he him pronoun
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"You need to learn to respect adults!" But I-

But i...

"You need to learn to respect adults!"

But I-

"Don't talk back to me!"

And so I silence my voice, and only think:

"Fine! I won't speak, and I will respect adults when they don't respect me! I will let people walk all over me and let it be justified because they are older, and therefore, "wiser".

I will keep my mouth shut when I want to scream, and when I feel like I might explode with rage, I will simply say, yes ma'am.

Because that is polite, and children should be seen but never heard. Instead of sticking up for myself, I will stay quiet and keep. my. mouth.


But I never learned to respect myself, so how can I do that for others?

Why should I respect others when they don't respect me?

Why should I be a perfect child, when it only kills the light in my eyes and the hope in my chest?

But I-

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