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alexinfeverland Fellow person.
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A poem on Identity.


I spend a lot of time trying to know myself

Know if I'm good or bad, no in-between in my head

Sometimes I get dark, tearing my past apart

Digging up demons, disguised as bad memories

Then another day dawns and ducks turn to swans

And I get the chance to be who I want to be again

Only that doesn't always go according to plan

I want to be light-weighted, silent and free

Really, I want to protect myself from me

To think before I speak, to not get upset

To go to bed early, forgive and forget

To overlook the bad and search for the good

To have a clear conscience and control my mood

To let the past go and collect my learnings

Use them to amend me and my yearnings

But in reality, sometimes, I commit the same crimes

I can be heavy and loud and scared of a crowd

I say things I don't mean, my mind's not clean

I can be misunderstood, can't control my mood

Or grab it and throw it at someone I love

It reliefs me to think that I'm none of those things

Not the person I think I am nor the one I'd be eager

I'm something like jello, constantly shaking

Influenced by an infinity of variants, baking!

Trying to define something I don't need to!

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