Will He Find Where I Am?
Will He Find Where I Am? hide and seek stories

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Where is he anyway?

Will He Find Where I Am?

by alexin30

Oh, Hey!


Don't go yet! It's me!

Oh good, you're still there. I knew your face was familiar.

You were his friend, right?

Why do you seem confused? C'mon, it's got to be you. You were the figure behind his back.

Why are you here? Don't tell me you will expose my hiding place. This is the only spot he doesn't know about.

Oh, shush. For now, you will be staying until the end. I won't let you hint him.

*Blushes* I know he would find me. He always did.

*Sighs* I guess he was just a really good seeker.

Remember my first hiding spot when I was on top of the largest tree. *Chuckles* Oh, he easily got me caught.

I traveled higher, almost reaching the sky. My fingers outstretched to the clouds, and the wind kept blowing my hair saying, "You escaped."

It was an awful day. Kids were teasing me about my hair,which is practically the reason why avoided the reach of their hands from pulling my hair and making me do things I don't even want to try.

You were the one who told me I was in the news paper. The missing girl with a crazy hair. *Snorts*

Little did they know that he went up there just to make me laugh until I pulled myself down.

He had an awesome humor. Showing me an awkward picture of a greek god. *Rolls eyes* For goodness sake no, I never liked naked bust.

I also laughed every time he showed me stricken Renaissance babies that looked as if they might want to strangle themselves any minute.

I saw you as I went home but you didn't recognize me.

When I went home that day, my parents told me horrible things. I understand if they care about my lost, but that's not what they're ranting about.

They said I was a shame in my family because they always thought that I was a slut.

I guess you know about that also but you failed to remember. *Sighs*

I went uphill, until I saw my cave. I hide there for shelter during nights like this.

Every step I made for the top hill, my limbs wanted to tear down from fatigue and the emptiness of my stomach. I felt quench when I saw the cave.

But he was already there, making a fire not a far from a tent. He looked at my direction when he felt I was there. He just threw me a blanket.

I never brought myself crying, but he was staring at my eyes as if I was. However, that night, we didn't say a word.

Before dreamland washed before me, the blanket that coated me from warmth told me, "You escaped."

I saw you that night, also. You were the silhouette by the tent, but you didn't talked to me.

All the time, I kept running away. I hid under the waves, I went to a building's rooftop, I created many chambers.

But every time I did, he would always be there.

When I hide, he always sought.

Every time, I heard the same sentence whenever I did.

"You escaped."

And every time this process was made...

You were also there.

You were lurking behind his back but you refused to talk to me.

Are you waiting for something?

I think you do.


Why are you here, though? I thought you didn't even liked my presence.

Where is he, though?

Is he seeking for me again?

What's taking him so long?


I know he was sleeping, Idiot.

Could you tell me, Is it true?

He doesn't showed up for a while now. So, is it true?

That the boy who gave me life gave up his own.

What's a life, by the way? I only know that it is when the ink in your eyes sparkles and blasts.

He told me that.

*Sighs* Why won't you talk? Why are you not with him now? Is it because he was sleeping? Or is it because you get tired of him not finding me?

So far, this is the best hiding place, huh? *Smiles*


*Purses lips* I've been thinking something . . . and it made sense.

Because I know you, now.

Tell me where he is. I will expose myself now.

Will he find me if I follow you?

Wait, wrong question.

It's my time to seek his face.

I miss him.

Tell me . . .

If I follow you . . .

Will I ever see him again . . ?

. . . Death?

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