Letter For A Hero
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alexin30 i have something to say
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You need to read this, my hero.
I found this letter from my old-self. This is for a hero.

Letter For A Hero

by alexin30, a short poem I made when I was young as I fought anxiety.

Listen to my voice very closely And after this, go after me.

For once I was trapped in chains, I couldn't get out, I couldn't find ways.

There were lots of them, while I'm alone.

I have nothing with except a stone.

I threw it hard to one of them, But it seems like there was no difference.

Listen to me, my hero,

When you're done at this I tell you to go.

They will try their best to crush you down, Til there was nothing left on the ground.

Listen to me, my conqueror,

I was once a very happy star.

But when my life descend, and gas started to loose, I became nervous when darkness stood.

I wanted to be free from this all,

I hate being in the room alone.

I needed to be save from this castle.

The wounds of mine need to be cure as well.

Help me my hero...

...fight them for me.

My strength shall falter,

...but yours wouldn't be.

I'm afraid of everything,

You're now my last hope.

Save me from this misery,

And sadness we'll cope.

This is a gist of warning:

"Darkness will always there."

But trust me with this:

Tomorrow, the sun will glare.

Dear hero who glimmer with kaleidoscope,

You could lose your courage...

. . . but don't lose hope.

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