Her Wish
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He treat her like a queen, but she . . .

Her Wish

by alexin30

He looks at you, But you ignore his coo.

You turn away from him And he feels hated for coming.

He greets you while beaming, You greet him with eyes rolling.

You ignore him once again The cheesy pickup lines of him.

When he sits with you in class, You're like as if you must Stay away from his stance 'Coz you don't know who he was

You've been caught From trouble a lot

But he takes the blame So you're not in shame.

You felt guilty And want to say sorry.

Also a thank you But never had a chance to.

Then next week he's gone, You start to be worrisome.

Your realized you seek him, And developed a feeling.

Every night you pace Thinking about his face. You smile when you imagine Him grinning.

But one day, A news came.

They say he's back And gets excited for once.

You decide to see Ask how is he.

You're smiling from ear to ear His voice you want to hear.

He then walks...

In the hallway, he talks

...to a very pretty girl.

And your smile uncurled.

It was him you wanted; Your hopes were up.

You took him for granted, That's why he stops

...Treating you like a queen.

'Cause unluckily, you're mean.

'He's with another', you thought.

You ran as if you won't stop.

You cried and cried,

Saying, "I wish he's mine."

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