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"Only I looked back, but you were gone" Emi's first love Cairo have decided that they should break up, once they cross the line midway each other's houses, it was over for the two of them. But before Emi let's Cairo go she gives him a letter leaving Cairo in heartache.

My Cairo,

We've both crossed the line

let go of each other's hand.

Parted ways on the other side,

only I looked back, but you were gone.

Another try wouldn't hurt

all we needed was each other's comfort.

but in the middle you built a tower,

only you knew I was never a climber.

I love you Cairo, but I have to say good bye

I can no longer love someone, who I can't reach in the sky.

One day when we meet,

I'll be the same Emi you loved, but now just a passerby.

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