The Starlins
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This is actually a mythology story that i created for school ^^;

The Starlins

It all began with the very first Goddess, her name was Fina, the god of space and time. Fina created herself out of nothing but space itself.

Fina was all alone for thousands of years, so she did become lonely. This is around the time she began to start making her own creations. She created five planets.

Yekle, Levon, Amis, Genis, and Kuma. Yekle, Levon, and Genis were mainly useless planets, they don’t serve any main purpose. After the planets were created Fina decided that she wanted children.

After realizing that she had 3 useless planets she decided to destroy them, using that energy to create her children. Her first child was Umi, whom was birthed out of a tree.

The tree became her symbol and she became the Goddess of Nature.

Her second child was a God, Willis. He was created with the clouds in the sky, so he became God of the Sky and his symbol were the clouds. Her third child was a Goddess named Opal.

Opal was the Goddess of Damnation and was sent to Kuma. Opal was not happy about this as it was against her nature and she was going to confront her mother.

She tried to reason with her mother but failed in doing so. Therefore, Opal went back to Kuma to resume her duties. Fina knew something was missing from Amis, life was missing.

She went down to Amis and began to start planting seeds, therefore creating life of the animals. Her job wasn’t finished however, it needed something more. She let meteors crash down onto Amis.

Out of each of the meteors out came a pair of humans. Amis is now overflowing with the life of humans. These humans were known to be as the Starlins.

After repopulating there was enough to call a community the gods came down to teach the humans how to live and survive.

Umi taught them to use their natural resources for food and fetch the water. Willis taught them to cook and build their homes despite his hatred for the humans.

Fina didn’t teach the humans much, only how to sew clothing. Otherwise, the gods were on their own. Soon the soul of the first human was taken. That soul was then transferred to Kuma.

Kuma is where the souls would spend the rest of eternity. They were chased by monsters day and night, forcing themselves to constantly survive.

Even after a person died on Kuma, their soul remains on Kuma. They show back up only for the process to start all over again.

The starlins began to start thinking that Opal wanted this to happen, even if it wasn’t true.

As thousands of years go by and the humans began to start forgetting about the gods, they begin to stop believing. The gods were now starting to grow weak, and upset.

There was nothing they could do at this point, nothing they could do to make them believe anymore. All of the gods were transformed into a seed.

Fina, Willis, and Umi were spread into 3 different sections of Amis, one of each different part. From those seeds that were planted, grew a tree.

A tree that looked like it had been there a thousands years. Back on Kuma was a different story, it took Opal longer to transform. Over that time she could feel her kindful nature slip away.

After a few more years she became a seed and fell to Kuma. From Kuma grew a Giant Old tree, because Opal was the Goddess of Damnation the tree was dead and hollow.

Humans loved the giant trees back on Amis and adored them, yet little did they know those were once and still were, the gods.

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