On the Run Chapter 1
On the Run
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This story has to do with a male that goes by the name of Jackson. As a child everyone already knew that there was something wrong with him, which there is. Jackson happens to be a schizophrenic, or he hears thing that aren't there, typically voices. This would cause him to hurt others... it did great damage, even to him. As his life progresses, becoming older he makes tough decisions, sometimes with a bad outcome, but those choices also let him to meet someone, whom he falls in love with.

On the Run Chapter 1

-3rd P.o.v- It started off with small tantrums as a small child… but they grew more intense.

Jackson’s snow white hair covered his dark red eyes as he would throw objects across the room, he would then laugh and say that he’s fine.

His parents were beginning to get worried at this point, they began to think that something was wrong with their only child… and they were right.

Jackson wasn’t right in his head, there was something always off about him. He was taken to many social workers and therapists but nothing ever seemed to help him. “Jackson..

You need to calm down hun.” His mother said softly as she stepped closer to her nine-year-old son. He gripped his own hair tightly with both hands before he let out a small scream.

He then began to speak at a whisper, “The voices.. They won’t stop.” He began to start sobbing, “No matter what I do.. It just won’t go away.”

The male was soon hugged by his mother, it was welcoming and calm. “I just want it to go away..” he whispered once more before he began to calm down just a bit.

A small smile appeared on his face and he spoke cheerfully, “Can i go play now?” His mom gave a concerned look but nodded, “Just for a bit.” she said with a slight tone of worry in her voice.

She knew that one day her son was probably going to get into a mental hospital and she didn’t want to see that happen to her baby.

Jackson was her only child and it was going to stay that way since she’s not able to have anymore, Jackson wasn’t supposed to be born, but he was her miracle. The happiness didn’t stay long.

Jackson’s father had died a few months back and that thought still lingered in his mind, causing him to think more.

It was the middle of the night when he began to start hearing the same voices like he always did. “I can’t hurt mommy… She loves me.. Right?” he began to ask himself as he sat on the bed.

The boy laughed to himself as before he began to cry, “But mommy is the only one I have left” He sobbed before smiling a bit, “True.. she will be with daddy..

” He began to laugh, but only just slightly before he shook his head, “No!” Jackson yelled as he knew he just couldn’t do it. “I can’t hurt mommy.. I can’t hurt mommy… I can’t hurt mommy..

” He began to whisper before he continued, “I won’t hurt mommy..” He said softly as he calmed down a bit. Jackson laid down in his bed and buried his face into his pillows. “Just go away..

Leave me alone..” He whispered as he hated hearing those voices at times, but at other times.. It was like he had another family.

“Please.. Go away!” He screamed into his pillow before tears began to fall down his face. “I already told you..

I can’t hurt mommy, it’s a bad thing!” Jackson kept his face buried into his pillow before he finally closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Due to being up all night morning arrived within a few hours. The boy woke up as he was still very tired.

He heard voices almost all night, trying to get them to stop which caused him to stay up longer.

He swung his legs over his bed and got up before he got dressed and went downstairs as he could smell the morning breakfast.

“Morning mommy..” He mumbled as he rubbed his eyes a bit. “Good morning sweetie.” His mother said as she continued to cook.

Their morning and afternoon went on as it normally did, but then night reached once more.. This time the voices were… more convincing. To a child, if they were told to do something they obeyed.

Jackson knew this was inside his head, but sometimes he didn’t causing him to easily give in.. Even to the worse.

There was blood everywhere, stained on the pure white sheets and even down to the hardwood floor. On the bed, there was a shadow that could be seen.

There stood Jackson, tears running down his cheeks as he held the blood-covered knife in his hand.

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