The Mind of Alex 4.6
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The Mind of Alex 4.6

Janice (texts)

Janice: _do you think I should be concerned _

Sandra: _I don't know, do you think anything will happen _

Janice: _I am not sure_

Sandra: _what did you see_

Janice: _I saw Jodie like just staring at him when we're at the party_

Sandra: _is it just that _

Janice: _Dree there's something_

Sandra: _just don't accuse before you have evidence _

Janice: _even if I prove it, who does it help, I just don't want him to think I don't trust him but I know they like each other_

Sandra: _well I think you are paranoid_

Janice: _well of course you do, you don't see how they look at each other_

Sandra: _well if there was something then why not break up with him_

Janice: _and then will that make me happy_

Sandra: _no but it will give you peace of mind_

Janice: _I don't want peace of mind, I want him, his attention _

Sandra: _look J go see him, and ask him, if there's anything between him and Jodie, surely he can be honest about it _

Janice: _do you think I can ask that _

Sandra: _well he has to answer you right, he can't ignore you so_

Janice: _I'm scared though _

Sandra: _come on, you have me now, you've nothing to fear_

Janice: _that's right _

Sandra: _I'm at work I can't be emotional again _

Janice: _lol_

Sandra: _soo if you feel you need to talk always right, you talk to me or mom_

Janice: _how did I live without you_

Sandra: _how do you ever plan to do things without me_

Janice: _I think I'll need you till I marry him_

Janice: _what do you think _

Janice: _bridesmaid? _

Sandra: _sounds very interesting _

Janice: _I wonder, how things will develop though_

Sandra: _you never know how things work out though _

Janice: _soo have you been seeing anyone though _

Sandra: _sadly_

Janice: _really, how though sis, not interested or just bad luck_

Sandra: _it's just both I guess, I just think I'm cursed sometimes_

Janice: _these guys must not know what they have _

Sandra: _I know girl, it hurts to be taken for granted so many times _

Janice: _maybe we should find you a blind date _

Janice: _I can ask around_

Sandra: _please don't_

Janice: _please, but this is formality you know I'll do it anyway_

Sandra: _I love you so much_

Sandra: _talk to you later baby_


I shake the hand of my opponent, she was really good which is why I had lost to her, She came all the way from Japan, I shake hands with the umpire and start to pack my things into my bag

I make my way out the court and into the dressing room andIts hard to hold back the tears, I had lost in straight sets, not even one set from her"

Rebecca: "I suck!"

My phone rang

That's my phone, it's Alex, well it's him so I answer and switched to video call

Alex: "oh hey Rebecca ......."

Rachael: "hey!"

Rebecca: "I didn't know you were with her now Alex"

Alex: "We watched your game"

Rebecca: "Uhuh sure Alex, don't pity me"

Alex: "I'm not, seriously, that girl is good and sets were close"

That does not make me any happier

Alex: "yeah but everyone loses eventually, you learn from loses"

Rebecca: "save me your philosophical nonsense,"

Alex: "Rachael are you gonna say anything"

She is silent before eventually nodding her head

Rebecca: "Rachael"

Rachael: "uhuh"

Rebecca: "okay thanks for the"

Rachael: "sorry it's just I was rather umm I'm sorry you'll win next time"

Rebecca: "I want you to get my number from Alex, and afterwards, you will call"

Rachael: "Yes alright"

Alex: "wow, really, okay bye Rebecca, remember, I am your number one fan"

Rebecca: "ugh"

The call ends and I immediately get a text from a number I can assume is Rachael

Rachael: "hello Rebecca"


Bridgette: "I don't know, why would I bother"

Mandy: "it's just I thought you'd want to"

Bridgette: "why would I wanna attend it though, it's just gonna be you, your parents and some creepy old dudes"

Mandy: "it's just my dad wants us to be there, I mean he is the one who pays for all our shopping sprees"

Bridgette: "fuck I know but...."

Mandy and I have been really close since middle school

We were new so we hung out, I don't know why she liked me so much.

I wasn't a nice person, I wasn't the prettiest or most popular, I even called her fat and ugly at times, maybe it's because I never really chased her away,

her presence made me feel prettier but she listened to me, I kinda started listening to her. I kinda love her now, I don't know it's weird to think about when we weren't together as friends.

Mandy: "so you'll do it"

Bridgette: "aahhhhh fine"

We actually doing each other's nails, she had gone for black and I went for the sensual red

Mandy: "Yay as she heel walks towards me, and hugs me"

Bridgette: "get off me D"

Mandy: "B you won't regret this"

Bridgette: "between the store and this you owe me, with Interest"

Mandy: "gosh you're so greedy,"

Bridgette: "well when you're as generous as me you get to be greedy."

Mom: "girls can I come in"

Bridgette: "yes mom!"

Mom: "I wanted to tell you supper is ready B"

Moms southern accent was way more obvious than mine but she was a real blonde, I was born with my dad's black hair and I hate him for that, however at least I got moms tits,

they are nice and big like hers now even though I'm still 18

Bridgette: "mommy come here"

Mom: "what is it now honey pie?"

Bridgette: "come here, we need your help mommy"

Mom: "sigh okay"

She sits next to me on my bed, Mandy is sat on the floor

Mom: "what do you need help with?"

Bridgette: "I like this boy, and I don't know how to get his attention"

Mom: "well sweetie if you like him tell him how you feel"

Bridgette: "well mom, he is a guy and well you know how they think, they only care about who is the hottest girl and I'm not even"

Mom: "oh sweetie listen" she hugs me

Mom: "let me tell you baby how I met your daddy, I think you're old enough to hear this story"

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