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The School bell rings at B&R high school

The Mind of Alex 4.3

The School bell rings at B&R high school

Janice: "well I'm finally at my old high school"

So I'd talked about my high school, now I was back to be an intern, I'd be teaching the lower students, essentially the students one year before the final year,

I had the best scores for Social Dynamics in the country, that alongside my influence as a student got me this job interestingly enough

The school I learned had a hierarchical system based on how popular you were

It's all hard to believe but having gone through the process I could see how well the system is protected

As I walk I see, a girl and her two friends ambushing another

Sage: "Alice, you said you'd do my homework remember"

That would be Sage, my former roommate and basically replacement as head girl, voted for through sheer social influence she commanded respect,

or at least I taught her the tricks of the trade when we were roommates, here the roommates are partnered up where sub-seniors and seniors are put together

It's good because half the time traits from seniors go to juniors in the case of me and Sage, that's exactly what happened.

Alice: "listen I told you that I wouldn't do it"

That's Alice, she's supposedly a genius, and she actually should have gone to college or university some time ago but refused due to wanting a normal high school experience

Surprised she didn't realize this school was far from normal, although she doesn't stay in the dorms, a genius like her can see what's happening behind closed doors

Sage: "I have a way of convincing you"

Sage inherited a lot of my traits

Katherine who is helping Sage now, is a tall brunette, while the school has a dress code of girls shouldn't wear anything too small and boys must have sleeves at all times

Katherine is always treading a thin line, wearing heels alongside the smallest short possible on school grounds.

Back to what's happening in front of me, I watch as Alice is being surrounded by the three, but the intimidation Sage is putting is not of fear but is in fact sexual

Sage: "I'm sure you'll be changing your mind soon enough"

er friends on both sides of Alice not allowing her to escape as she tries to keep hold of her books

Alice dresses like a prep - school kid wearing a decently sized skirt, pantyhose, heels, white Blouse even having a tie, she has curly black hair red lipstick and of course reading glasses

She like Sage is really pale whereas both Katherine and Tracy are more tanned

he girls have fun with Alice though as she's pinned against the lockers unable to move. I'm enjoying watching them, Alice however seems to be losing her footing.

Sage had pinned her chest right on top of Alice's chest, Alice had a fairly large bust, at least relative to the girls.

All in all, though it looks like Sage was suggesting something, the skirt Alice was wearing was well above her thigh at this point, Her eyes closed.

nd just like that it was over, Sage and her triple-threat left immediately to their respective classes and Alice left with a puzzled look on her face, she was flustered.

I start walking to my class, thinking about how I met Sage. I pass Alice

Janice: "hello Miss Richards"

Alice: "Oh...hey Miss Refiloe, can I call you Jay"

Still trying to keep her composure but realized who she's talking to

Janice: "sure Alice"

Alice is trying hard to not make eye contact wasn't really timid in nature

I make my way to class and introduce myself

The class again because it's their former head girl respond with

"Hey Jay!"

ut anyway it's fine, I prefer it this way. As I start the whole introduction speech to Social Dynamics I can see that the class, as usual, is 70% female and 30%, male.

A common occurrence but something I don't necessarily like, anyway it's the first day so most people are still attentive but how long will that last.

I give them a fun exercise for the first day, called assessing groups

So everyone has to write a small about themselves on a small paper, We then choose a class leader out of that, the idea however is to show that hierarchies happened due to competence,

in this case, competence in writing. I expected that leader and vice will actually already be friends because they shared similar ideas

I sit and think of my 1st meeting with Sage/ Well when she arrived which was basically last year as a new student, she had no clue as well about the way things worked here.

I wanted her to not be isolated so I taught her how to get a guy to cum in seconds, I thought we became close but she started being bitchier and by graduation, she was barely talking to me.

I don't know what it was, Sage is this blue-eyed Redhead and when she arrived at my dorm she was so innocent it was like, Bambi!

We started doing a lot together including fooling around but as her popularity grew her distance from me also grew, I remember the first time we started fooling around.

I hadn't been with a guy for a few months and Sage was trying to keep me company

Sage: "you can't keep them blue balled forever, you don't wanna be alone forever"

Janice: "yeah but I'm bored of it, I like guys but half of the stuff if not most isn't worth the grief"

Sage: "I mean I'm still trying to get started"

Janice: "yeah you'll be in my position soon enough"

I had been teasing Sage for so long, I had always been naked when we were alone. I'd always share a shower stall and claim the rest were taken, I caught her glancing at my body a few times.

I was sure that I'd get her interested

Janice: "Sage would you mind coming over here"

Sage: "yeah why, what's up"

Janice: "I wanna take pics"

Sage: "yeah alright "

nyway, I got in position wearing nothing but a pair of Purple Long socks, and she took pics.

We did multiple positions and a lot of pussy and ass shots, I made Sage come as close with my phone as possible and after she was done,

I hugged her still naked while she was well dressed in her pyjamas

Sage: "Hey I need to go to the bathroom"

Janice: "sure"

I said still smiling at her




nd I already have an idea what's happening, I leave to go check.

aking sure to keep my distance so I can tell which stall she's in without being spotted, crawling to see, using the opening underneath the door, I try to be as quiet as possible.

I find her and see her short on her ankle.

Her other leg has been placed on the toilet seat, her body is vibrating a bit, I go into the next stall and peer over the wall by standing on the toilet seat.

I watch and see that she is furiously but rather quietly (one hand on her mouth) rubbing her clit, her fingers are clearly glistening.

Her eyes well closed, but her breasts also exposed, I know they're really sensitive and that she sometimes forgoes bras, she regularly pinches her nipples hard,

I can barely hear her but her clits and pussy lips slaps are the loudest thing in the room.

I am so wet just watching her, I know she's thinking about me, my pussy, my ass, all those pics must have made her crazy.

She does whisper "Jay!"

ut I continue watching her, she seems to be trembling more and more. The rubbing can only go so long, she's been doing this for over half an hour now and has an intense all be it silent orgasm

I wait a bit. I enter the room and find her sitting on my bed.

Sage: "where have you been?"

Janice: "just had to see some people "

Sage: "Really, who"

Pretty sure she thinks it's a guy

Janice: "yeah kinda"

Sage walks over towards me and moves really close to my face then...


Janice: "huh?! what"

Girl: "we're done with the paragraphs"

Janice: "oh sorry Joanna, let's begin"

Daydreaming on day one, well I guess I can always think about it later, Class continues and we move on to the history of social dynamics next week

Class is over

I make my way to the teachers' lounge

As I see Alice walk into the bathroom, I'm immediately reminded of what happened this morning, all my experience tells me I'm about to get a show so I follow her,

I enter the stalls and I know what's happening in the stall next to me.

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