The Mind of Alex 4.2
The Mind of Alex 4.2 romance stories

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Time to go back to school for Janice

The Mind of Alex 4.2

Sandra: "oh Alex, come on, just let me watch"

Janice: "Were giving you more than that, a front-row seat"

I open my legs to make sure she can see

Alex moves behind me and begins readying to penetrate me

I was dripping already but now I'm closer than ever

Janice: "don't stop please! Don't stop, fuck yes I want it, my boyfriend and my sister watching"

Sandra: "I know she's your girlfriend and all but I wish I had some attention"

I felt bad for Dree but I couldn't really think much, Alex felt so good going inside me, hitting my spot, making me moan

Sandra's Moaning starts and I can feel hear presence her over me

Me: "That's right Alex fuck her, fuck her like would you fuck me, you've wanted this a long time haven't you, my sisters pussy, her big breasts, she's so sexy isn't she"

Sandra: "hmm Mmmmm, Alex I'm gonna cum"

Sandra was closer than me, which means she is actually enjoying this more than I am

Janice: "you enjoying this too much Sandra"

She was unable to stop herself writhing on her bed

Sandra: "ohhhhh ohhhh ahhh oohhhh" that was one hard orgasm from Sandra

Alex: "that was really sexy Dree, I almost came inside Jay

Janice: "like you need her help, fuck me"

I reached back pulled his hips to mine

Janice: "Start pumping!"

Sandra: "you're so naughty now"

Janice: "shut up, I know you want him"

Alex has a tendency of just doing things whilst in mid-sentence

Janice: "Alex, hey Mr Why do you like doing that (then he starts fucking me quicker) hey big boy calm down"

He's going really quickly now

Sandra: "don't slow down Alex,"

And he keeps up the pace

I'm not longer resisting because even though I want to tell Sandra off I've lost control and I lose awareness

Janice: "ahhhhh ohhhh ahhhh baby fuck that feels good, grab my breasts while you're fucking me"

Alex removed his dick

Janice: "put it back, put it back" I am desperate!

Sandra: "hmm come on Alex put back inside her and give her more"

Alex: "I will I just wanted to see if she'd complain"

Alex puts it in but instead only puts a small amount of his dick in my pussy, he knows where my spot is and start hitting it

Janice: "fuck ahhhh ahh Alex!!!!!!!!! Ahh Ohh my goodness"

Sandra: "that's my girl cum for me"

Janice: "that felt so good baby, Dree do you wanna try something out with Alex"

Sandra: "like what"

Janice: "well you want him to don't you?

Alex: "really babe"

Janice: "of course Alex, I'll let you fuck her tonight! "

Sandra: "you're not serious, I'm scared though Jay, I mean it's not like you"

Janice: "A bit, but I'll watch you do it

Sandra "okay"

Janice: "alright face down ass up girl"

Sandra seems scared but excited as she quickly moves to the ass up doggy position

Alex and I need to get her ready so we lick up and down whilst kissing each other

Sandra: "fuck you two I'm already so sensitive down there"

Alex and I are just sharing licking and kissing and it feels so good I almost forgot why we're behind Sandra's ass, to begin with

Janice: "That's enough you! get ready"

Alex moves to enter her ass, and my face is right on top of it just spreading it to make sure it's easier.

Janice: "That's right baby, fuck her nice and slow, remember to relax Dree, nice and slow baby!"

Alex starts to penetrate her

Sandra: "ah fuck!"

Alex goes slowly at first

Janice: "you're loving this Dree, baby, grind your dick on her ass"

I move to her head and start kissing her, neck, licking up and down

I taste her sweat, her soft skin is so alluring, and it's hard to keep from just sticking my entire tongue in her but for now, we just lick

After a while, I gesture to Alex to start going faster

Sandra: "mmmmhh"

I can tell she is unable to really move her legs since she already came once

I make sure to keep licking her, nipples, her neck, the most sensitive body parts soon enough Alex is moving at a quicker pace, at least now I can feel from Sandra's body that Alex is moving

Janice: "that's my girl, let me go back"

I move back to her ass and spread her ass

Janice: "Alex" I said joyfully

Alex sees me smile at him and we kiss while he keeps going

Janice: "now babe, go a bit faster,"

Sandra: "yeah, harder, just put it in"

Sandra shakes her big round black ass, I'd easier trade my body for hers, Alex loves big black asses, he told me that he dreams of a girl who looks like Sandra,

and well the source must be better

Sandra: "ahhhh fuck"

Janice: "is it good free"

Sandra: "it's so good, keep going"

Alex needs no further encouragement, and he starts really fucking her

Sandra: "ahhh fuck ohhh fuck ahhh ahah ahahahahahahahha"

I'm pretty sure she's shivering whilst I'm kissing Alex's body

To try and help her I starting rubbing her pussy

Sandra: "ohh if you do that I'm gonna cum, supper hard, Jay I'm gonna squirt if you do that"

Sandra: "keep going keep going Alex, fuck my ass, you like this ass"

She's too far gone now, she definitely likes this more than ever

Sandra: "owwww " Sandra streams for an eternity

Janice: "Dree awww you came, but we need to thank our toy, Alex sit down while my sister and I finish you off"

Alex sits down anticipating us as we lie down In front of his dick

Sandra and I kiss right on the tip

Sandra: "Jay work on his balls, this shaft is mine"

Janice: "yes ma'am"

I love it when she tells me what to do, I love Alex's cock though, I just like the veins, it's so imposing, it's not the biggest but it's well taken care of, his balls are well shaved,

and so big too, all I can imagine is the load that's in there, I just want it, in my mouth

Alex looks close to orgasm as he starts breathing

Janice: "cum for me, I want share it with my slutty sis, come on baby, I want it, I'm licking your balls for it, I wanna taste it"

Alex: "it's coming babe!"

That was the only warning we got, I shove Sandra mouth on the tip, and Alex cums straight in it and Sandra swallows all of it.

Janice: "greedy much"

I didn't notice that Alex was tired as he had all but fallen asleep on the bed

Janice: "is my big boy tired"

He can only lie down and smile

Sandra: "on my bed, of course, Jay sleep next to your man"

Alex and I spoon while Sandra is sleeping wrapping her hands around me, basically, I'm stuck in the middle.

Alex sleeping means Sandra and I spend some hours giggling and joking

The next morning is D-day, this is the day it all ends, Alex and his family are packing to leave.

Janice: "call me every day, just to say hie or ask me for advice all the time"

Alex: "could you calm down, I will!"

Janice: "you can't fuck anyone else, although why would you when you have me"

Alex: "don't you think you're worried about nothing"

Janice: "I know, I can tell Sandra to come and see you for me, I mean she's my sister so I'll know everything...."

Alex: "Janice it's gonna be okay, it's only a few months"

Janice: "yeah but there are a lot of girls at College, I know that you're not the type to do long-distance"

Alex: "yeah but I wanna try for you"

Janice: "good before I start crying, fuck too late Dree, Bye Alex"

I run over to cover myself on Dree's shoulder

Alex's Dad: "Son we need to go before dark, you're driving remember"

Alex: "Sorry Dad, give me one more minute"

Alex needed to get home and get supplies, he wanted to be at university by the 3rd so he literally had tomorrow to get everything

The reason was, of course, Alex had always wanted to go to Varsity.

As I'm trying hard to resist the urge to break down into tears, Alex pulls me closer and gives me and final hug

Alex: "goodbye babe, I'll miss you"

Well so much for resisting the urge to cry.

Alex kisses my forehead and makes his way to the car and just like that drives off

Sandra: "it's gonna be okay Jay"

Janice: "I hope so"

A month goes by and I also return to school

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