The Mind of Alex 4.1
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The Mind of Alex 4.1


5...4...3...2...1 HAPPY NEW YEAR (a huge crowd of people in an open field)

The fireworks start to go off

Alex and I begin to kiss

Alex: "what's your new year's resolution?"

Janice: "well I'd like to be happy with my new boyfriend and also I am kinda on a mission"

Alex: "what kind of mission"

We break away from the crowd and walk off the field

Dad: "Hey honey, you seem to be getting cosy with my employee"

Employee as if he paid Alex for all that hard work but I suppose it's worth it for my dad's blessing, Alex seems calmer nowadays when he is around my Dad

Alex: "Hey sir we're just..."

Dad: "yeah yeah Alex I know, listen you don't have to lie because I don't wanna hear it however please do use protection"

Alex: "yes sir" Alex looks a bit scared

Janice: "please stop frightening my boyfriend, he's the only guy you've ever actually liked so let's try to keep him"

Dad: "awww honey you really like him, that's good, I've never seen any guy get your attention the way he does"

Great now I'm blushing

Janice: "Can we go Alex!" I try to say this in as aggressive a tone as possible

Alex: "goodbye sir"

Dad: "hold on, have you seen your mother"

Janice: "don't tell me she is streaking again, we still get mentions about your naked wife every year "

Dad: "you mean your mother"

Janice: "not when she's flashing the entire plantation, I haven't seen her though"

Dad: "well she finished a bottle of wine on her own so I assume she is about to turn me on and embarrass us at the same time"

Janice: "Alex we are leaving"

Alex is a bit reluctant as I pull him towards my house, Today is different though, it will be our last night and it's already past midnight, by this afternoon we would be miles apart

I am sad but I want to make my mark, to make sure I'm never forgotten, we make it to my bedroom

We kiss, Sandra is in the bed next to mine, she'll probably get a little show maybe even masturbate to me and Alex.

Kissing Alex is so natural now, It's no longer lustful and is closer to feeling free, I know how he tastes, I know how he likes it when I lick his tongue,

I know how he likes grabbing my ass and I love it.

I love how he spreads it when we kiss, I'm already moaning when he keeps spreading it over and over.

I'm wearing a short mini dress with leggings underneath, and he helps me remove it, this is so that he can switch focus to my breasts.

Normally I'd be talking dirty but right now I wanted to be me, to be Janice, to be loved, to be Jay!

Alex turns me around and pulls me into the bed, all so he can properly play with my tits and kiss the back of my neck

My hands are already playing with my pussy, I'm desperate to play with myself without disturbing Alex so I rip a small hole in my tights which gradually becomes bigger as try to gain more access

Alex's licks me softly, I'm shivering every time he caresses my throat with his tongue, I can even feel his dick poking my back and I start to rub on it

The slushy sound of my wetness is loud though, I love that sound, and it just turns me on even more

Janice: "Alex it's not fair that you don't get attention "

As I turn around to look at him

Janice: "it's supposed to be our special day, so I wanna make you happy "

Alex: "be my guest babe"

I bend down and free his dick, hard as ever

Janice: "gladly"

I'm licking my lips, it was definitely one of the reasons I loved Alex, I took as much as I could in one gulp that got a loud gasp from him.

I wanted to see how long I could hold it for, it lasted a good amount of seconds before I needed to breathe a little. I released and made a pop sound, and started panting for air

Alex: "Fuck can you do that again"

Janice: "aww baby, I'll try my best" I am so glad he likes that.

And so I did, it's easier the second time, I try to take it as deep into my throat as I possibly can and I can hear faint moans from Alex,

It was the first time I heard Alex make sounds during sex, that got me more committed to doing even more.

I stop

to Which Alex gave a puzzled look

Janice: "hold on babe, I wanna make sure you don't forget this "

I try to catch my breath, this time though I'd let him fuck my throat, hopefully, I won't gag or vomit

I go down again and starting going up and down, Alex though, this time makes a loud gasp as if he was about to cum, I was expecting some to go down my throat but instead,

he holds me still and composes himself, he doesn't want this to end.

Alex: "slow down Jay!"

Ha, I almost made him cum, I'm gonna tease him about this later but for now, I was at his mercy, id have done it all morning if he wanted

Janice: "you're so horny aren't you?"

Fuck I love this, I've always imagined I'd hate this but Alex is not hurting me although I'm literally drooling all over him, he makes sure I'm comfortable in this position

And even makes me stop for air

Alex: "you're so good at that Jay, This should be my Christmas present"

We didn't spend Christmas together because both our families wanted and emphasized family time

In my head, I'm saying the only gift I want is you but let's face it I'm not gonna stop to say that, however, I think Alex got the message

Alex: "time for the main event babe, you ready!"

Janice: "how can you ask me that, I know you could hear me playing with myself (he lifts me) whoa!"

He makes me face my sister's bed

Alex: "Sandra, you know it's rude to just watch and not say anything"

Wait, Sandra is awake, of course, she was I mean it's not like we were quiet

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