The Mind of Alex 3.4
The Mind of Alex 3.4 erotica stories

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The ending of Jodie's night with Alex and the start of Rebecca's night

The Mind of Alex 3.4

I carry her downstairs to her room and place her on her bed before leaving the room.

Janice comes by drunk and says we should do something together on the roof, I wasn't about to do it twice in one night so I take her home,

Sandra seems occupied with some rich businessmen who are seemingly more interested in her ass over anything she is actually saying, Sandra, is of course all too happy to give them a better view.

After I leave J at home I see Rebecca's car, when I get there I make out two girls inside

Rebecca is making out with Rachael, I stay to watch them go at it, and their lipstick was all over their necks their chests.

Rachael's legs are wide apart and her panties are to the side, she is playing with her pussy while Rebecca licks her neck, making her way down to licking her tits.

Rebecca is good a seduction and this isn't her first time.

Rebecca: "When I saw you talking to Alex I knew I had to have you"

She said and they kept kissing

Rachael: "well I'm the luckiest girl on the planet"

Rebecca licks her neck, removed her bra, puts her tits against hers,

I just loved watching Rebecca's perky tits go up against Rachael and from my angle I could see Rebecca move her hand down Rachael's Dress, clearly looking to play with Rachael's pussy.

I'm too entertained to leave, they kiss and Rebecca moves her hand down to Rachael's pussy, she starts fingering her while Rachael licks her neck, Rachael's pussy is so beautiful.

Rebecca can no longer resist and went down to the car floor to finally eat Rachael's pussy, I can see how Rachael's face would react, almost always near climax

Rebecca: "baby, you wanna do something crazy with me"

Rachael: "Like what"

Rebecca: "Promise me you'll do it, it's not too crazy "

Rachael nods her head

Rebecca: "okay first wear this blindfold"

Rebecca then takes out a black bandana from her purse then ties it around Rachael's eyes, she removes her shorts and places her pussy right on top of Rachael's mouth

Rebecca then notices me and winks, Rebecca gestures me to enter, I am a bit unsure and Rebecca can tell

Rebecca: "you want Alex to watch us"

Rachael: "is Alex here, if he is it's alright if he wants to watch"

Rebecca: "Ask him"

Rachael: "Alex get inside and watch us"

I realised that I can't necessarily live now since I've been spotted

Rachael: "Alex is that you"

Rebecca gets off Rachael's mouth and they switch positions

Rebecca: "It's my turn to make you cum all over"

She slides so easily onto Rebecca, she was so well wet, and I am left thinking how much Rachael must enjoy an audience or it is the blindfold

Rachael: "oh Fuck keep licking, keep licking"

Rebecca sticks out her tongue more

Rachael has her eyes closed, breathing heavily

Rachael: "it's so good"

Rebecca: "This is really good, isn't it Alex, you owe me for this"

I don't notice that Rachael was about to cum really hard her pussy essentially rubbing all over Rebecca's face.

Rebecca: "you like that don't you, by watched while I lick you

she's in ecstasy

Rachael: "aawww fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck" she shouts this for every stroke now

Rebecca: "I'm so horny right now"

Rachael: "my pussy is so fucking sensitive

Rebecca now motions Rachael to place her pussy on top of hers

Rebecca's: "I want you to rub your cunt all over mine"

Rebecca's starts slapping Rachael tits and soon enough Rachael is overwhelmed

Rachael: "yes yes yes yes yes my " Rachael, shrieks while y letting out a stream of cum

Rachael third orgasm leaves her exhausted on top of Rebecca

Rebecca: "well that was fun, how about you get off me now"

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