The Mind of Alex 3.3
The Mind of Alex 3.3 erotica stories

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Jodie and Alex explore their past

The Mind of Alex 3.3

?: "Alex!"

Alex: "hey Rebecca"

Rebecca Armstrong, my varsity classmate who is a tennis player as well.

She has tattoos around her thighs and back, a nose piercing, she's quite extreme, always has red lipstick and is always dressed provocatively, today she had on a pair of shorts, denim,

and bra and of course the tallest heels ever to hide her height.

Sometimes the way she carries herself is what makes her irresistible, body-wise, she was shorter than most girls her other features like her childlike face,

brunette short curly hair and her petite body make her the perfect teen looking girl until you meet her. She told me she has one more I'd never get to see.

Rebecca: "long time no see stranger, you look more interested in the casing than the field of women here"

Alex: "I would but I kinda been caught"

Rebecca: "by who, only other girl you would possibly be with is Jody and that went out the window"

Alex: "her name is Janice"

Rebecca: "Janice? Janice rich girl, model-like, Janice?"

Alex: "yes her why you sound like you know her"

Rebecca: "wow that's yeah that's a piece of work"

Alex: "well thanks"

Rebecca: "if she becomes a lesbian tell me"

Alex: "I won't let you date my ex"

Rebecca: "well, why not"

Alex: "it will bother me"

Rebecca: "well you won't want her anymore"

Alex: "You don't know that, I might be interested in her still"

Rebecca: "come on Alex, she's super-hot, I'd do it for you if a lesbian girl started to like guys"

Alex: "Is that supposed to make me feel better though"

Rebecca: "no it's supposed to get you to understand were good friends that share"

Alex: "okay you win, but not Janice"

Rebecca: "really, you must like her"

Alex: "have ever been in love Becca"

Just like my mom, that's how we became friends

Rebecca: "not yet, a few came close, but it all fades when you realise they just wanted the sex"

Alex: "well this is good sex and an actual understanding"

Rebecca: "well if you like her so much why aren't you with her"

Earlier I was given specific instructions by Janice, to keep my distance from her and Sandra, upon the fear that Sandra would play games with me.

Alex: "it's complicated, I'll tell you why later"

Rebecca: "uhuh then why did you come, just to say bye to Jodie"

Alex: "no, well yes, and Dad told me to get the fuck out so that he could fuck mom, I was only too happy to leave"

Rebecca: "ha-ha he must be super horny, I don't blame him, and I hope your mom gets a good pounding"

Alex: "that's my mom you're talking about"

Rebecca: "I know right, anyway good seeing you, text me when you get home"

And off she goes, finishing her cocktail, clearly searching for a girl to take home.

I decide it's good to meet a few people.

Firstly I met a girl named Rachael, we shared a lot of similarities, she's a black, busty slender girl who has a gorgeous face, still had one thing though,

Rachael though is a very interesting person and of course, our conversation went well. I got her number, not bad for a guy who is off the market.

I decide to say my farewell to Jody before sneaking past the moaning emanating from my upstairs room and try to find a place to sleep.

I made my way through the crowds of people up the stairs to what I know Jodie's favourite spot is, the top of the house, where she can stare at the moon.

Alex: "sometimes. I wonder why you like it here so much.

I find her lying there.

Jodie: "well it has everything to do with the fact no one can find me"

Alex: "up step Alex, ready to ruin your day"

Jodie: "Alex let me ask you something, why Janice, like why her, what does she, have that other girls don't"

Alex: "uh, well, um she is super kind and...."

Jodie: "fuck forgot you can't read between the lines. What does she have that I don't?"

Alex: "she has, it's not about what she has, over you, and it's just who she is, individually, she's something special to me"

Jodie: "what are you saying, so she's just special and I am not"

Alex: "you act as if I chose her over you"

Jodie: "it feels like it"

Alex: "I thought you were married"

Jodie: "it's a sham wedding and you know it, I married him because I thought it would make my life easier, my mom, dad and sisters liked him and I was pressured

I'd rather be playing video games or watching Netflix all the time with you but now it's like, that's never going to happen because you'll be busy with her"

Alex: "that will never happen, I will always play with you"

Jodie: "and if she doesn't want you playing with me what will you say"

Throughout this entire conversation, Jodie had not looked at me once, constantly staring at the sky missing her own party

Her husband was talking to businessmen all night

Alex: "I'd, I'd have to break up with her"

Jodie: "you'd do that" I was shocked to hear him say that.

Alex: "I met Janice a month ago and yet I've been friends with you since the day you beat me at Overwatch"

Jodie: "I remember that day, I was on a tear"

Alex: "yeah you were so good"

Jodie: "you met Janice before me although you don't remember. As for gaming think I'm rusty though, perhaps you'll win this time"

Alex: "When I met you used to wear glasses, what happened to those?"

Jodie: "I remember I took them off and then you kept looking at me, that look you gave me, it was the, I want you to look, I liked being wanted so I got contacts the next day"

Alex: "how did you we never actually go out"

Jodie: "I don't know Alex, we had those moments though, I remember I fell on top of you during our dance at the leaver party and wanted so bad to kiss you"

Alex: "you then started teasing me, trying to make me make the first move"

Jodie: "and you say I'm the evil genius"

Alex: "well your plan was genius, just didn't work"

Jodie: "I wish it did, if I was with you I'd not be in the terrible situation I'm in now"

Alex: "I'm sorry Jodie, I should have asked you directly"

Jodie: "now what do we do, do you think if I were ever single we'd love each other"

Alex: "I don't know when that'll be, what I do know is that we'll always be friends, always be close"

Jodie looks at me, she glares at me and it's there I fall in love with her all over again, the moon shining off the side of her face, her skin,

her legs and she moves her face ever so slightly to mine.

It's probably here why we never dated because of our hesitation, but today wasn't the day for that, I kiss her deeply and she is so energized by it writhing with excitement.

Jodie and I have kissed many times but this was different

Not a kiss from a dare or one to annoy Janice, this was the type that I can't forget because she was so happy during this one.

We're kissing on the roof so just about anyone on the driveway would notice if they looked up.

We licked and sucked each other's mouths, Jodie has another special unique thing and that's her long tongue,

it's so beautiful to look at when she sticks it out which she never does but when she is kissing you it's another level of sexy,

Sandra has it too but you wouldn't be focusing on that when she's doing something else with her body

Jodie is very good at kissing, and when she is like this, there's no stopping her.

Jodie: "lie down"

Alex: "what!"

Jodie: "lie down I don't want to be spotted"

I could only do what she said quickly

he kissed me even more passionately and was now grinding her body all over me. She k that drove me crazy. Using her boobs as well rubbing on my chest

Jodie: "I wish I'd done this sooner but it was always a dream, but this is better than the dream because both of us will remember it"

Afterwards made sure her pussy was on my dick and keep rubbing

Just her sheer determination was enough to get me really close to an orgasm

The sounds of fabric vibrating filled the cool night air, it was perfect.

After sometimes I was amazingly close to an orgasm

Jodie: "you're not gonna cum yet, I want this to last forever, maybe I'll slow down"

Alex: "please!"

And so she did, gently kissing my neck slowing her movement massaging her breasts sometimes licking up and down my face

She pulled up her dress and guided my hands to her butt

Jodie: "you know Alex, this is actually just as fun as playing games"

Alex: "you do know this is the best dry hump ever"

Jodie: "I know, I love seeing you like that"

She starts humping faster

Jodie: "Listen, Alex, I wish I could fuck you but because I'm a married woman and I don't have the heart to do it considering those vows I made but I want to make you happy, happier than ever,

tonight at least"

She unbuttons my pants begins the ravaging of my dick, she starts to make sure the dick hits the side of her mouth and pops it out making a specific erotic pop sound,

licking from the base of balls to the top now and then.

This process is repeated over and over again, increasing furiously, she is also moaning during the moments she used to breathe, I couldn't take much more of this told her I was about to cum,

She sticks out that long tongue and I could not have given her more cum.

Some of it sprayed on to her eyes and hair, but she smiled as if she hoped that would happen

Jodie: "that was awesome Alex, you gave me a lot, I'm happy "

Alex: "that was really good

I am so tired, I wait a bit to recover some energy, Jodie lies next to me happy and blissfully asleep

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