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Jodie meets Janice

The Mind of Alex 3.1


*cough cough*

Alex: "I told you mom I don't know how I got sick"

Mom: "well you better get better soon, your father really relies on your workload"

Alex: "We have money and a great house at home, I don't get how"

Mom: "uhuh"

Moms glare always had me silent, I didn't get why we had to work so hard on a farm which wasn't even our main source of income.

Dad would hire people during normal months to take care of the house and work the land but on holidays they'd go home and we'd come here like slaves on the cotton field.

I had already worked past last year's quota but Dad wanted more from me, and I faked being sick.

It wouldn't work for long though, mom would have a doctor coming by tomorrow so obviously, I'd have to fake getting better all of a sudden. There was one good perk to being sick and that's Janice

Janice: "baby are you feeling better, what you want me to get you, some water, juice, milk or a blowjob, maybe my pussy juice or maybe you wanna fuck me, I'll even give you my ass"

Alex: "babe I'm not sick and I told you that an hour ago and you're still pretending like "

She was such an airhead sometimes and I know it's only with me

Janice: "so can I suck your dick again"

Alex: "I came 5 min ago babe after the last blow job"

Janice: "yeah but your cum tastes so good"

Alex: "you're a sex addict and you're crazy "

Janice: "well," I think she enjoys me calling her that, she seems glad I said it. I love her!

Janice: "alright babe since you're not gonna let me do anything I'm gonna go do my chores, Sandra says she's not doing everything today"

Alex: "Bye J"

She kisses me then makes her way out

And she's gone

I was of course prepared to sleep but then in comes Mrs Ferguson or should I say, Jodie

Jodie: "Arce I hear your sick"

Oh no

Alex: "now I know you're up to something"

Jodie: "Alex whatever would I be planning?"

If there's anything I know about Jodie she's a conniving manipulating mischievous bitch who I love and miss

Alex: "sigh"

Jodie: "Alex come on you always so suspicious"

Alex: "Because you're an evil person"

Jodie: "Don't be so cruel

I only came to drop off some movies for you"

Alex: "really?"

Jodie: "yeah you ass "

Alex: "well I'm sorry Jodie"

Jodie: "uhuh sure here are your movies, I guess I'll see yah when you return"

Alex: "wait Jodie don't leave"

Jodie: "what is it"

Alex: "I'm just don't wanna let you leave while you're upset"

Jodie:" Well I'll leave here happy if you can make it up to me "

Alex: "How"

Jodie: "Same as before"

Alex: "Jodie no"

Jodie: "You said you wanted me to leave happy"

Ohhh I fell for the trap

Alex: "Jodie wait a minute Jodie we can't keep doing this"

Jodie: "Yes we can"

Alex: "No we can't "

Jodie: "Listen Alex are you gonna upset me and reject me all in one day"

Alex: "Jodie okay look I know you like playing with me but I already came today, Janice was just here"

Jodie: "I know I had to wait for her to leave. I know she's super sexy, I can't wait to see her reaction to when I

Janice: "I'm right here you dirty skank"

Oh shit

Jodie: "the only skank here is you Kim Kardashian Wannabe"

Oh shit

Janice: "nasty white bitches like you always gotta steal a man, that's why you haven't had sex with your husband in weeks, he afraid of all your STDs"

Jodie's face turns bright red

Oh shit

And immediately they are on top of each other and no surprise Jodie was already on top of Janice threatening a break her arm Thankful she has no clue how to do it but I had to break them up

Alex: "girls please, please we need some decency"

Janice: "she wouldn't know Decency if it hit her in the face"

Jodie: "Alex tell your girlfriend how her head is so far up her ass"

I would do anything to get outta here, It's just commotion means noise, noise means mom coming back into the house, mom means I'll get caught,

And getting caught means I don't get to keep avoiding work.

Alex: "Okay you two I need you to stop"

Janice: "I'll stop when you tell your skank friend to take a hike"

Jodie: "I'm sure you'd know everything about skanks, I hear you swing at your house"

And then Janice tries to slap her, I'm in the middle trying to separate them but I can only do this for so long.

Since Janice is the one who is seemingly the more aggressive of the two I decided to put her over my shoulder and hold her tight.

Jodie is still shouting obscenities at her while I carry her to my room, I put her inside my room.

Jodie: "good job Alex"


Alex: "Is that why you won't go home, jealousy"

Janice: "I can't live you with this bimbo, not after what I've heard you two did together"

Jodie: "you told her!"

Alex: "uhuh"

Jodie: "I thought you and I kept things secret, so much for our friendship, I'm going home"

Alex: "oh no you don't"

I grab her hand

Me: "you two are gonna settle your issues, I know both of you love me so your gonna have to find a way to get along"

I put her inside my room, and lock the door

Me: "if anyone hurts someone else, they can forget about me being their friend or boyfriend, I'm gonna go sleep in the living room and leave you here so that I can rest for once okay.

I'll be back as soon as you two start getting along, I can't have my best friend and girlfriend hate each other"

Janice & Jodie: "no don't leave me with this bitch"

I was hoping they find common ground but then they continued arguing

Janice: "Whore"

Jodie: "dyke"

And I left.........


I can't believe Alex left me next to his dumb girlfriend. It's not like I had anything against her just she was being so mean to me.

I actually kinda liked her though, Alex was happy with her, I liked how she dressed, she had similar tastes to me in clothing, interests even how she did things,

she was good to Alex and she was super-hot. I'd never been attracted to a girl before but if I was, but she had great skin that I wish I had.

I was just a pale white girl so I guess I was a little jealous. And she kept going calling me names eventually I was sick of it and I turned away. I didn't wanna let her see me cry.

Janice: "don't turn away from me... Jodie! Jodie!!..... Jodie!!!!!"

Jodie: "leave me alone, I just wanna go home and forget about today" near tears

Janice: "Jodie I'm sorry.....

I sometimes lose my head and it's just I really like Alex and he really likes you because you like the stuff he likes and I feel left out when you talk to him and I have nothing to say

so I'm kinda jealous of you"

I turned to look at her and for the first time in her face I saw myself, every insecurity I'd ever had right there

Jodie: "don't be he really likes you, more than any of his previous girlfriends let me tell you"

Janice: "you think so"

Jodie: "I know so"

Janice: "I hope you can like teach me to play games and stuff "

Me: "yeah that would be so cool"

Janice: "well how are we gonna get out of this"

I didn't know, it was clear Alex got very upset seeing us fight

Janice: "turn around so and don't cry"

Janice wipes my tears and jokes about my eyes being really adorable, like a cartoon character, she turns around as if she was about to do something she didn't want to.

Janice is wearing a blue dress and boots which is hiked up because of our fighting but it isn't very low, to begin with. Her ass is a pretty sight, the half I could see at least.

Janice: "hey look, you and I should start talking more, like. When Alex isn't around"

Me: "Really, well that would be nice I guess"

I walk over to the desk in the room

Me: "come see this"

I wanted to show her something the photos of her and Alex we kids

Me: "remember this!"

Janice: "okay"

She walks over and gets embarrassed by how she looked back then, Alex was covered in mud and smiling because for some reason being a 10-year-old covered in mud was fun.

Janice: "he's so cute, I'm not so cute"

Jodie: "he still actually says that whenever he sees a puddle he wants to play in it"

Janice: "nowadays though he seems like he's more, I don't know grown-up"

Jodie: "Ummm I don't know"

Janice: "he still smiles a lot"

Jodie: "I mean he's happy

Janice: "He's only happy with you really, when we're not fooling around he seems like he's not interested"

Her expression changes

Janice: "Yeah but when I started it, it was because I thought were like, the same but things changed I guess"

Jodie: "they do but it's not always as straight forward as that, opposites attract is a thing"

I turn her around

Jodie: "he had this to enjoy anyway"

I was referring to her ass

Janice: "Jodie could you stop"

Jodie: "Janice I know you've done way more than this, so come on stop whining and enjoy the attention, plus we have nothing to do, teasing Alex is my only form of entertainment,

but teasing you is a new adventure"

Janice: "Jodie listen okay, I know I was a real bitch today, but I need you to stop before Dree gets maahh!"

I squeeze her ass but she was clearly not prepared

Janice: "oh that's enough"

I was trying to make her smile because she was clearly very concerned about her relationship with Alex not lasting very long

Jodie: "your ass is the prettiest I've ever seen"

I spread her ass cheeks but at this point, she's resisting quite a bit, however, her squirming makes me think she enjoys the attention

Janice: "why do people always play with my ass though, do they know much I like it"

Jodie: "maybe"

I just wanted to play with her ass but I couldn't stop myself

Janice: "you are so naughty though I know you like teasing Alex, imagine he was watching us, he'd be so excited though"

She does have a dirty mind

Jodie: "yeah that'd be so good"

Janice: "you'd like that wouldn't you, using me to tease him"

Janice was now encouraging me to keep massaging her bottom, her hands had moved away allowing me to keep going and nothing to stop me

Jodie: "you know, if I knew you were this fun, I'd have visited you instead"

Janice: "I'm just thinking Alex would love this wouldn't he"

That last one got me wet

Jodie: "okay, enough why are you good at this"

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