The Mind of Alex 2.1
The Mind of Alex 2.1 erotica stories

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Your average side chick

The Mind of Alex 2.1


Janice is wearing a pink Crop Top and Jean shorts. Her slippers however are of lilac colour and of course, her toenails are pink.

Too much pink already, from nails she had, I don't think she had those when we first met earlier so it must have been done recently.

Janice: "I don't know if you remember that we used to play together when we came here as kids"

She is saying this whilst slowly untying her top

Janice: "you were always so kind and funny, I miss those days because my life hasn't gotten any better"

Alex: "......" I am a bit distracted right now

Janice: "I just really like you Alex, now obviously I can't say I love you but I'm hoping our friendship can be more"

Well your tits are out

Janice: "I know it's a lot to take in, but don't worry, I wanna make you happy alright babe"


Janice: "Alex ..... Alex! Alex!"

I had blacked out for a sec, I can only get horny so often in one day.

Janice was persistent and she was also creative firstly pushing me down on the bed then taking off her shorts and of course, she isn't wearing panties

Janice: "I know I'm attractive but you make me feel like a god sometimes Alex, I like making you feel that way though. I also like that I can turn you on"

Well my dick was clearly hard and she of course noticed after pushing me on the bed and how have I not said a word yet

Alex: "Ahhh!"

You're a genius Alex, no really, one word, say something meaningful.

Janice: "hehe" she's actually giggling

Janice closes the door still visibly laughing, before moving closer to me and sitting on my chest, her pussy is mere centimetres away from me and I can tell my story did get her wet.

That makes me think why would it make her wet unless she was into girls, or maybe me being turned on.

Such intellectual thoughts dissipate when she inserts a finger inside her and then takes it out and licks it

Janice: "Jody did this right" smirks

Alex: "uhuh" I am smart I swear.

And she keeps going fingering herself, I being the genius I am,

no really this time I did good Janice was only capable of using one hand at a time because she needed the other to balance herself.

I decided it would be best she can use two, so I bend my knees so that she can lean back on them

Janice immediately takes notice before looking straight at me with glee.

Janice: "thank you, babe"

There's that word again

Alex: "Uhuh"

I hope I'll be able to speak again, now the best thing about Jodie's pussy is how tight it looked.

Janice though has something else which is a beautifully trimmed bush and of course a really wet pussy that drips on my chest.

Janice starts going slow with one finger but when her other hand is freed she puts two fingers while massaging her clit making sure to spread her pussy and show me the pink inside.

All while she grinds on my dick using her back. A pretty sight for an onlooker as well. Her moaning isn't that loud though, both a curse and a gift.

No one, not even someone outside the door will hear but I myself want noise.

Although I'm not complaining because this is the hottest thing I've seen since well Jodie but before that, it's the best thing ever. I can hear the slushing whenever her fingers dug in

Janice: "Alex I don't think it's fair that you torture yourself by just watching

Alex: "uhuh"

Janice: "babe take out your cock and stroke it for me"

I needed no further invitation I take it out and she immediately started stroking it herself

Janice: "you're so hard babe, I wanna six nine"

Janice clearly in control turns around and pushes my legs down, her face right on top of my dick. She is timid with it at first, just licking before trying to deep throat as much as possible

I'm too preoccupied trying to swallow as much pussy as I can, she tastes so good, such a surreal moment

Janice: "Fuck Alex that feels so good"

Janice, beside herself, is actually starting to moan now and she combats this by muffling herself with my dick, I suck hard on her clit and it gets swollen.

I've always wanted to lick a girl's ass, so I make sure that the tip of my tongue would touch her asshole.

That made her start squirming on top of me, she sits up a bit more trying to give me better access.

I then insert my tongue inside and she definitely moaned loud, she didn't seem to care anymore about whether or not she was making noise.

She uses one hand to spread her ass cheeks and the other to keep stroking my dick

Janice: "Yes baby just like that, lick my ass it feels so good"

Janice is now dirty talking and I know right then that I am gonna love this girl

Janice: "you like licking your girlfriend's ass, it feels so good when you do that, fuck Alex I can't wait for you to stretch it out, put your hard cock deep inside it"

Wait, girlfriend?!

Janice: "you're so good at that babe, you wanna spank me too, I've been such a dirty girl, coming in here and masturbating in front of you.

My pussy gets so wet when I'm at home thinking about you"

I think my ego is being fed here but yes I do like the dirty talk

If anything it just makes me try harder to make her cum


Janice: "oh yes that feels so good daddy, hit it again, I've been so bad daddy get your cock hard making you take it out and licking it"

Baby to Daddy, I'm in cloud 9 now, and I'm about to cum


Janice: "Ohhh Daddy harder"


Janice: "oh fuck daddy I want you inside me now"

Janice: "you don't have a condom do you daddy, wouldn't want you to get your baby pregnant now would you"

Alex: "I'm sorry baby I don't have one"

Well I guess role-playing got my words back

Janice: "don't worry daddy, I'll just grind on your hard dick"

I can't believe this

Janice: "Daddy go slowly okay, I'm so sensitive, let me get your cock wet so that you can grind on me

Janice is so hot! slowly, she licks my dick up and down before moving her ass away from my face, she positions herself facing up with her pussy right on the tip of my dick.

I'm so tempted to just push it in, and under her breath, she is actually singing

Janice: "I'm about to grind Alex, I'm about to grind Alex"

I can't help but smile listening to it

Janice: "aww Alex you're so hard for me, rub that dick slowly okay, I want to enjoy this"

I push up as she pushes down and she can't help but just ever so slightly put it inside

Janice: "awww my god Daddy, it's so good inside me, okay daddy pull it out now, but slowly okay so that I feel every inch of it"

I ease of as she stays still, eventually, I'm out but she is still super horny

Janice: "alright Daddy just grind it on me"

I wanna go back inside you

Janice: "Yes daddy be gentle okay, I'm so excited to have you in there "

Now at this point, I was rapidly going up and down rubbing against her lips, she is having trouble staying balanced whilst I do this.

She makes a noise at the mere feeling of pressure when I was press in, however, clearly, the feeling turned her on as she was furiously rubbing her clit.

After a while, she can't use her hands to hold herself up and she instead leans back against me until her tits are next to my head.

Janice: "daddy I want you to see how bad I'm being, playing with myself in front of you, your cock feels so good, keep going don't stop "

She convulses, becoming silent before letting out a loud moan, she trembles a bit from her orgasm.

I was going slowly then I started going super slow, I stop when it was clear she was done, she closes her legs, clearly still recovering

Janice: "your turn!"

She quickly turns over showing some energy, clearly excited for a big moment

Janice: "cum for me daddy, cum for me also you better come see me tomorrow after this, okay!"

Her face goes from serious to really adorable really quickly, she is already working on her reward, her hands are stroking my dick and licking the tip, she is really good at this,

and throughout it all, she is looking right at me with her beautiful eyes, she is definitely good at this, I am about to cum so hard, with all the teasing she does with her tongue.

Eventually, I sigh deeply and cum all over her hands, and some on her face

She laps up all of it

Janice: "all done, thanks!" she seems satisfied.

Alex: "yeah don't mention it"

Janice: "okay I gotta go before people start asking what we're doing, my dad is probably knocked out"

*downstairs* Dad: "you know my son likes your daughter

Her-Dad: "you know my daughter likes your son"

They both laugh like the drunk idiots they are

Dad: "Can you imagine my best friend daughter and my son! ha that would be something, hey we would be related" they laugh themselves into unconsciousness.

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