The Mind of Alex 1.2
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Alex's new girlfriend

The Mind of Alex 1.2

Dad: "hey I noticed you were looking for some tapes, you wanna plug in the old VCR"

Alex: "I couldn't find any!" which is really frustrating

Dad: "well when I went to college I took all of them, they got lost during my time there"

Alex: "you mean you drank and partied so hard, you have no clue where you put them?"

Dad: "exactly" why is he finding this all so hilarious? He is insane.

Dad: "however, the Ferguson's say they have a collection of movies, if you ask them really nicely maybe you'll get something"

Alex: "can't I just say you sent me"

Dad: "Yes but where's the fun in that"

Alex: "Thanks anyway"

As I make my way out of my room

Alex: "by the way dad, please slow down because mom can barely walk now!"

I don't know if I crossed the line because he isn't smiling but he doesn't look angry, more annoyed I guess that his son is such a smart ass sometimes.

So another walk because the Ferguson's aren't close, however, it's worth it if I am occupied for the entire afternoon and night watching some classics.

I got to the door and knocked. It's important to note that Mr and Mrs Ferguson are new to this area and are a young couple, how young? I'm 22 and older than Mrs Ferguson who is 19.

Mr Ferguson played for one of the high school football teams we faced when I was playing. So we kinda know each other, anyway, Mr Ferguson generally is never around.

Always working his land obsessively to the point of camping out there

Mrs Ferguson's eventually answers the door

Mrs Ferguson: "Hello Alex, or should I say Arce"

My gamer handle, I forgot I used to play her in Overwatch

Alex: "Hey Mrs Ferguson, sorry to bother you, I'm just here to ask if I can borrow some videotapes from you"

Mrs Ferguson is Caucasian with blonde hair yet she's really petite and short, her ass though is really large, not implant large but large

She invites me in and tells me strictly that this is Mr Ferguson's collection and that I must return them tomorrow.

I agree and start picking out the ones I'd like, taking as many as I can carry. Mrs Ferguson however is a fucking tease and she knows it.

She was wearing only a white silk nightie that just got below her ass, since her husband doesn't return home she does not need to get up and do much.

As I was squatting skimming through movies descriptions on the cases, she was standing right over me trying to give me the best view of her pussy, I was trying so hard to ignore her.

Alex: "Jodie please stop, you always do this"

Mrs Ferguson: "it's weird you using my name, I haven't heard it in a while"

Alex: "yeah well things change when you're married"

Jodie: "They do Alex, I really need to be honest right now okay"

Alex: "Alright! "

Jodie: "I am super horny today and you kinda remind me of Joe"

Joe is Mr Ferguson.

We are similar in stature and appearance

Alex: "yeah alright"

Jodie: "so I'm gonna play with myself and I need you to just watch okay, don't touch yourself though"

Well I guess a free show wouldn't hurt so long as she's thinking of her husband through me

Alex: "alright Jodie, I'll do this one-time"

Jodie: "yay" as she jumps up and down, her nightie constantly rising and dropping

She then stops and notices my eyes

Jodie: "you wanna see?" she seems confident

Alex: "yeah I do"

She raises it from the front and shows me a neatly shaven pussy, it's so pink and looks so tight. She licks one finger and starts teasing her clit, letting out small moans whilst doing so.

I am so close to her pussy that if I stick out my tongue I'd lick it.

Jodie: "oh that's feels so good, I've always wanted you to see this Alex. We always played so well together in Overwatch"

Alex: "well you were rank 1 and I was rank 2, it was hardly fair"

Jodie: "I miss those days, I was at my happiest beating scrubs online with you"

Can you imagine she's saying this whilst furiously playing with her clit?

Maybe winning games turns her on because she was getting wet and every now and then she'd stick a finger inside and lick it. It was driving me crazy that I could only stare and not move.

Her other hand goes to loosen the nightie so that she can play with her tits as well. I feel like she was trying to see if she could get me to touch myself

Cum started dripping down her leg and her moaning gets louder, she realises standing is becoming uncomfortable for her so she gets a chair and sits down while I stay in my original position.

She keeps going with her fingers now putting two inside her more regularly and her new position allowed her to slouch meaning she could show me the pink inside of her pussy knowing that

whenever she did my body would twitch with excitement.

I'm starting to wonder when Jodie will cum, I was so desperately craving her juices, she had already soaked the carpet where she was standing.

She then exposes both rock hard nipples and licks them

Her next move reminds me of how expertise at gaming she is, It is so well thought out because it definitely gets me to precum,

she takes her wet fingers dripping with her cum and gags herself with them, right then I almost lose it. She then drools all over her tits.

Jodie: "did you like that, your pants say you did and your face says you did and your body is shaking"

Alex: "Yeah oh my gosh you"

She stopped me mid-sentence by putting her finger on my lips, the same fingers that were gagging her mouth and fingering her pussy which is still glistening by the way

Jodie: "sorry Alex it's time for you to go, if you stay I'd fuck your brains out, I'm gonna take a shower and I guess I'll see you around"

She gets up goes to the stairs.

Jodie: "thanks again" she waves.

I couldn't believe how blue balled I was. It influenced my movie selection as well, I was basically just looking for as much SN of the SNLV as I can.

Again I grabbed as many as I can and left looking like a thief who forgot to get the bag. I got home and placed everything on the ground. Took off all my clothes and got into a frenzy

I would cum, rest, Wake up then restart,

I did this for some time, until evening. It's not like I stopped myself. I was stopped by dad knocking on my door and telling me to stop playing with myself and come for supper.

Normally I'd be okay to miss supper but my dad would be upset with me missing super, seeing it as rebellion. I went downstairs and to my surprise, Janice and her dad had joined us.

Janice was eyeing me throughout the entire meal. At some point, I thought there was something weird that was on my face.

The look of pure desire I guess while our dads talked about old times, mom was chatting to my aunt and we were quietly just minding our meals

Anyway soon enough I finished my food and decided to go to my room, I climbed the stairs and thought about climbing to bed.

Then there was a knock on my door, I had left the door ajar so I just had to look and Janice came through

Janice: "Hey stranger, you didn't say much at dinner"

Alex: "it's been an interesting day, I had a lot to think about"

Janice: "mind telling me about it, I mean how weird could it have been"

She sits on my bed next to me, I decide to tell her what happened at Jodie's

During the story, I could see her tits hardening and her breathing getting a bit heavier. She even started rubbing her thighs together

She was only wearing a top, shorts and slippers

Janice: "wow that's amazing, it has been an interesting day"

She started moving closer to me

Janice: "she must really like you though, really wish I was there though because it must have been so hot"

Alex: "I guess so, it's just a really amazing moment"

Janice: "I want to try though"

Alex: "what!!"

Janice: "I wanna play with myself in front of you"

Alex: "why"

Janice: "because your story got me so wet and I really like you"

Alex "Well" I grin!

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