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alexclairearena Community member
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It's not over yet. You're all stronger than you believe.


The sun will shine as brightly again,

It's not yet the end when you don't make amends,

With yourself and the grief your heart couldn't bare,

It will soon heal, with love and with care.

You will feel so down in the cold, icy dumps,

Irritable, irrational, like an old grump.

But one morning you will wake up and see,

You were doing the best with all you can be.

Your best is enough, at least for me.

These chains you have will be set free.

Your trapped, secluded state of mind,

Will soon be gone and hard to find.

If you can survive the worst of it all,

And catch yourself everytime you fall,

If you can battle the demons inside,

And conquer them, not let them slide,

You'll see the light that comes through you,

You'll see the hope, your spark and the truth.

You've got to fight, for your sanity's sake,

And believe in the progress from the steps you take.

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