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Depression is a serious matter we need to address. There are people who need help because they already can't handle themselves. I hope this touches the heart of my readers and compel them to help people suffering from any sort of mental health.


He was too troubled to get himself to sleep

Screamed like a beast with his finger between teeth

Voices in his head wanted him to beat off his chest

'For God's sake' he said, 'please let me rest'

He drowned himself with loud bass and treble

Put his headphones on to drown out all the trouble

He pleaded himself to spare him his remaining sanity

He pleaded himself to set himself free

The battery drained and there was no other spare

He stared into the sky, he stared with depleting care

He opened the windows and walked the trodden path

That darkness engulfed all over, blinded by his wrath

Rustling trees, crunching leaves, cold wind on his skin

All the heartaches created by his false memories

He walked alone with all the pain etched in his heart

Then stopped at the tree he used to climb with his dad

5AM and the sun was about to rise and shine

He walked into the door, to the table they used to dine

He walked a little more, to the hall, to the bedroom

The room he ever saw so confined, finally illumed

He found his father, clueless of what had been done

He walked up to him with a smile he thought was gone

He lingered the times he wasn't alone afterall

At last, he said with relief 'Hey dad, I am home'

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