First Kiss
First Kiss first kiss stories

alexchankim Greenhorn writer
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Giddy feeling when you had your first kiss.

First Kiss

My heart is pounding harder

I could feel it from my chest

Inch by inch, you are coming nearer

Your hand on my face, and oh that sweet scent of your breath

I opened my mouth as you press your lips against mine

Hoping the clock stops...I wish for a frozen time

Your lips I only touched in my dreams

Now completely intertwined with my thirsty lips

Soft lips, warm mouth, electricity within my body

My mind's taken over by you uncontrollably

Is wanting more, of your kiss, a sin?

Can I propose not to end this scene?

I don't want to end this feeling of being high

Your soft lips, sweet breath... Is like a drug I want to subscribe

This first kiss with you is my first kiss forever

This kiss I want to have every moment together

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