An Abyss Called Love
An Abyss Called Love song lyrics stories

alexavier Community member
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A short poem about falling in love. Some lines in this poem are based off some song lyrics.

An Abyss Called Love

Winter’s end, spring’s beginning, 
I’m falling into a painfully deep abyss called love.

Elusive as ever, she stands before me looking so perfect, Yet so unreachable.

Spring’s end, summer’s beginning, I’m falling deeper and deeper into her hazel brown eyes.

The more I know her the more I want to run, But my feet won’t obey.

I was so much younger yesterday.

Summer’s end, autumn’s beginning, She is the sun that brightens my day.

She is my first thought when I wake, And my last thought before darkness.

Every day, I fall deeper and deeper Into the seemingly bottomless abyss.

Autumn’s end, spring’s beginning, You only miss the sun when it starts to snow.

I shed not a single tear for myself; every tear I shed was at the thought of letting her go.

If you love her, let her go.

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