Broken by: a.m.s
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Broken and alone Stranded in desolation

Broken by: a.m.s

Broken and alone

Stranded in desolation

Confined to my thoughts trapped in an endless abyss

Shackled by betrayal


The voices in my head begging, screaming for me to listen

My spirit breaking shattering my hope to nothing

Screaming silently hoping to be saved

But I'm alone

Alone in this world full of millions of people

no one hears my screams of desperation

Tears rolling down my face

With the thought of losing myself in the dark abyss of depression


Caused when he left

Left as though i meant nothing

Leaving me to my thoughts

Wishing that i could be stronger

But i can't

I try

And try

And try


I fail

Each time


Is what i feel

When i see him laughing and smiling with someone else

While I'm left alone to my thoughts

Dealing with the lose i feel when he's not around

I tell him I'm okay but am i really/

Even i do not know the meaning of my own feelings

Loneliness is what i feel when I'm surrounded by a crowd of happiness




I might feel a single droplet of it

Just a little

That's all i need

All i want

Is to be happy

But i can't

No amount of praying and wishing will grant me the privilege of feeling the happiness that i so desire


Every time he tries to explain

I don't let him

I can't

It's impossible

I can't stand the sight of his face

Eyes pleading and begging me to give him a chance

Chances that he doesn't deserve

But does he


Not him

He doesn't

He destroyed me


Is the only thing i feel no matter how hard i try

It consumes me

Trapping me

I try to escape

Escape is the only way i know how to save myself

The only way

Grabbing the blade



Hoping that this will finally be it

I'll be relieved of the betrayal i feel every time i look at him

Every time i see someone happy

Knowing i will never have that happiness


The only sound i hear is the blade crashing to the floor

The defining sound of its echo as it crashes to the ground resonates through the room

Laying on the ground as i feel my soul slipping from me

Dark crimson blood spilling silently from my wrists

Waiting for my time

Finally i feel it nearing


I'm almost there

Suddenly a bright light shines in my eyes

And I'm brought back to reality




These are all things i hear

As he crouches in front of me


Begging for me to stay with him

Begging me to keep my eyes open

I try

And try

But i feel myself slipping into a dark abyss of stillness and silence

I know it's the end

The end

Huh how ironic how i'd wished to leave this world yet i can't seem to stop having the urge to live

The urge of wanting to see his beautiful face once again

The urge to see the light of day

So i try

And try

And try

And i succeed

Opening my eyes i peer into those beautiful silver eyes glowing bright with





The same love that i had thought i lost once before

And i know that he's the only thing that shackles me to the ground

Protects me from my evil thoughts

That invade my mind daily

Waiting for the right moment to pounce

And finally

Finally im happy


Is all i feel when he and i are together


No longer am i broken

No longer am i the little girl that sat home all alone waiting for someone to save her

No long do i wish to leave this world

No longer do i feel the stabbing pain of betrayal that once felt so strongly

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