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alexandrejosean Balladmonger in Cheif
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What is God but the feeling of not being in control...

Higher powers are not supernatural, they are internal and all but common.

The one thing we all have felt is helpless, and it takes time to realize what things we can change, what things we can't, and what things we shouldn't can but shouldn't change.

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Humans are made in the image of of nothing, they are not planned nor designed.

To feel humans are perfect, is a delusion of time.

A higher power than ourselves, if there is such a thing true.

To define it as human-like is utterly fucking cruel.

We take the higher power, and surely humans can mold it.

We make cities and drugs, planes and data, but still cannot find the culprit.

The higher power is unbelievable, it destroys us in seconds.

It reverses all we have made just so it can easily best us.

For we must know what we can change, and know what we cannot.

For the higher power will do it, even if it knows not.

Like a child with a rifle, or a bird with a bomb.

The aim is not specific, and the aim is to reduce calm.


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