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alexandrejosean Balladmonger in Cheif
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We all have it, its just hard to admit it. To share this with you all is a way to release its grasps from my mind...

Social Anxiety

With predictable qualities, But unknown outcomes.

The judgement comes in swift.

We know who does it, Strangers and peers.

But it hurts, with fear and shit.

I come out to say, that your judgement won't matter

But why does my brain react different?

My body is lost

My heart is pounding

my mind goes blank into abyss....



Is it awkward to sit in silence?

Does it make it uncomfortable for you too?

Will the audience react in unison?

Even if they are screwed?

Just as I am, in the middle of their stare.

I do nothing to show comfort.

The truth is we all live like a 13yo girl.

We all have the same problems.

Yet we are silent day to day, thinking we are special in our solace.

The collective nature of us all, makes this sad and ignorant promise.

The "strong silent type" doesn't exist

We have just learned how to shut up.

There would certainly be less killing,

if we used our words instead of our guns.


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