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alexandrejosean Balladmonger in Cheif
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Reality is not just what we jointly perceive, but how we view ourselves.

Eyes Open

What does it mean to live in the stream of reality we all share?

You must understand that the idea you are unique, different, special and important is wrong. For this enables the thoughts of superiority.

You must realize the idea you are acting for yourself and only yourself in your daily living is wrong. For this misrepresents the true nature of our world.

You must realize there is no self, and the universe you live in is also living in you.

You must understand that by hating yourself, you are hating everything else.

You must love yourself first, never hate.

Then and only then you can experience the reality as it is. Without bias, judgement or ideas of imperfection.

Accept what you see, challenge behaviors that don't reflect love, and bring all that is around into yourself by experiencing it.


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